Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Korea - fact and fiction

"War is coming, and it is coming very soon. My advice - don't plan any visits to Hawaii until this is resolved."     

I have addressed Korea many times in the recent past. Why? It is the hottest ember in the fire. Today it was reported that North Korea might have Hawaii in it's sights. Hawaii? That is not exactly in North Korea's neighborhood. Are they capable of this? Is it in their nature, or is this more bluster from the North? A closer look might be in order.

Much of this history goes back to the closing days of World War II. Japan had control over the Korean Peninsula and declared it to be theirs. Once the war was over, Korea was liberated. Then things really started to get interesting. The ink was hardly dry on the Japanese surrender when the battle for Korea started.

Both the United States and Russia had designs on how Korea should emerge from being dominated by the Japanese Army. Due to the developing Cold War, the brand new United Nations decided it would be best to have two separate Korea nations. So in 1948, Korea was divided into two regions, separated by the 38th Parallel. And that is when the trouble really started. 

The North never accepted this division. They wanted one Korea, governed by the People's Army. Then in June 1950, 75,000 troops from the North Korean People's Army poured across the 38th Parallel. The war then started. It was not a war between North and South Korea. Or a war between the United States and North Korea. It was a war between North Korea and United Nations forces. And the war went on until July of 1953 when an armistice was signed. An armistice? What is that? Translation = North Korea and the United Nations forces are still technically at war. The war never ended.

Now thanks in large part to the "pacifists" who have run our country for years, we have allowed this "rogue nation" to develop nukes and missiles powerful enough to carry them to our heartland

Do I think the North Koreans have the moxie to launch a strike against the country who dominated them until the end of World War II (That be Japan)? Yes! Do I think they would try the same against South Korea? Again yes! And the "Great Satan" who has done NOTHING accept be part of United Nation forces? ABSOLUTELY yes!

I get a kick out of watching movies and shows about the United States prior to the start of World War II. We were rolling along - fat, dumb and happy. That is, until a good portion of our Pacific Fleet was sunk by a "sucker punch" compliments of the Japanese Emperor. Guess what folks - we are in the same "fat, dumb and happy" posture.And the North Koreans know it.

War is coming, and it is coming soon. Some think very soon. My advice if we don't take of business in the very near future - don't plan any visits to Hawaii. Now, or until this is resolved.     

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