Monday, March 20, 2017

Working with the Commies...

"In short, I have very little concern how this new Administration is going to do in dealing with the Commies. I think it is going to be fine." 

Surprise! This is not about working with the progressives in Minnesota! No, this is about how we now deal with communist states worldwide. And to keep this article sane, I will not address the most rogue communist state - North Korea. Instead I will talk about Cuba, Vietnam, China and Russia.

First up Cuba. Last month CNN (yes, I do watch this channel on a rare occasion) had some fairly good reporting on how our "normalization" is coming with Cuba. I have addressed the Cuba issue before - I was for normalization with this near by island. In fact, I gave rare kudos to our 44th President for helping to make nornalization happen. I was proud that my Congressman was also there in the beginning to trail blaze a new frontier with Cuba. But now we have a new POTUS and a new Administration.

In CNN's reporting, they talked about Cuba's concern with how our normalization will continue with Donald Trump in charge. They are worried that some of the things he said about Cuba on the campaign trail he really meant. Like closing down our newly opened embassy if Cuba does not do better with human rights and religious freedoms. 

What I would prefer to see would be our 45th President, just like our 44th President did, visit Cuba. While down there, President Trump could make the Cuban government a "deal they could not refuse". I would send Rex Tillerson down to Cuba with the President. If played right, this could end up being a bonanza of good things through new and expanded trade for both Cuba and the United States. Plus have more freedoms for the Cuban people.

By the way, I have also addressed our relationship with Vietnam in the past. Pretty darn good considering we and North View Nam were at each other's throats 50 year ago. Now we trade and visit with that unified country to our heart's content. And something interesting my wife and I just recently found out. A large portion of the frozen shrimp we buy at the grocery stores comes from shrimp farms in Vietnam. Those Commies have done pretty good for themselves since the war has ended.

Finally Russia and China. Two super powers. I will call China a super power even though they only possess 260 nuclear warheads. A mere pittance compared to the United States and Russia. But China is expanding its reach militarily. As is Russia. They have both taken advantage of the power vacuum left with the United States became introverted the past eight years. 

I still believe that President Trump will be able to deal with both the Bear and the Dragon better than anyone else today. Some call it the "madman theory". That Trump is so unpredictable (a polar opposite from Obama), it will give our adversaries pause. Some say that Nixon had this "madman" thing also. I believe Trump's success in dealing with both of these countries will come from first a robust military (like in Reagan's days) and (working hand in hand with Tillerson) making them "deals they can't refuse".

In short, I have very little concern how this new Administration is going to do in dealing with the Commies. I think it is going to be fine. The biggest challenge however, will be to convince China to get its pet bulldog (that be the Norks) back on a leash. If Trump and Tillerson can do that, they will have inked their place in the history books.

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