Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The dying party of death

"However, within the highlight, we had the low light. Our own Keith Ellison (now deputy of the DNC), Debbie Wassermann Schultz (former head of the DNC) and Nancy Pelosi (former Speaker of the House), sat on their hands during the ovation."

I would like to say I am original in this title, but I am not. One part I got from someone whom I can't remember, and the other part I will give attribution to Eric Erickson (formerly of Red State). The person I can't remember, would always refer to the Left as the "Party of Death". He did this due to their fierce devotion to abortion. Today, I heard EricK Erickson quoted when he described the President's speech last night. Erickson said, "What we had in the audience was a dying party and a party which is struggling to stay alive. Both parties are Democrats."

Before I address the boorish behavior of some during the President's speech last night, I will first go back in time to last week. It was a town hall meeting for some Senator or Congressman who was in his home district on break. Some on the Left came to protest and be disruptive. However, some of the protesters went way beyond the pale. At the start, a pastor came forward to offer an opening prayer (yes, that is common in the political meetings which I attend). As the prayer started, some started to boo and yell "Pray on your own time!" to the pastor. Once again, the Loony Left is on the wrong side of a very important issue.

Anyhow, last night when the President came in to start his speech, some on the Left did not stand. It reminded me of an officer I once served under on active duty. He was rough and tough. One day we told our section, "You may not like or respect me - but you will respect this uniform". The same is true for last night. The Left may not like this President personally, but they will respect the office.

But the highlight of the speech last night happened when President Trump gave special recognition to Navy Seal Senior Chief Bill "Ryan" Owens who was KIA fighting terrorism in Yemen. The President had invited his widow, Carryn, to attend last night's event. Once the President's tribute was given, there was a thunderous ovation, which lasted over two minutes. Most everyone stood and clapped. It was a very special and very emotional moment for Ms. Owens.

However, within the highlight, we had the low light. Our own Keith Ellison (now deputy of the DNC), Debbie Wassermann Schultz (former head of the DNC) and Nancy Pelosi (former Speaker of the House), sat on their hands during the ovation. Plus, they all made faces like they just sucked on a lemons. It really did take boorish behavior to a new low.

I know, I know. Some on the Left are going to say, "Remember Joe Wilson! He called President Obama a liar!" Yes he did, and I did not approve of it. Congressman Wilson did apologize for his outburst shortly thereafter. It was never determined if it was a lie or not, as it had to do with ObamaCare insuring illegal immigrants. But that was it for the eight years Obama was President. No other disrespect when President Obama was addressing Congress.

The final disrespect by the Left was to start leaving before the President did. What the what? I just hope and pray that no normal civics teacher instructed his or her class to watch the speech last night. As much as they could have learned from the speech, the behavior of some was the wrong message to send.

I have told my wife this many times before. I don't understand the Left - I really don't. They always seem to come down on the wrong side of every issue. They give the appearance they don't like the originalist concept of our Constitution; they don't care for faith based issues or the Christian religion; they prefer abortion over adoption; they prefer open borders over national security; and they prefer a welfare check over a pay check. Too harsh? Please prove me wrong.

One other thing that I can't attribute to anyone particular as I just remembered reading it on social media just this morning. If the Democrats keep acting like they did last night, this dying party might as well start chanting, "Four more years! Four more years!" Yes sir to that one! 


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