Friday, March 17, 2017

Fact from friction

"How do we fix things. First off, tell the American public they have a drug problem and it is killing the country. The drug is called federal government programs."

No, it is not a typo. It is meant to say "friction" instead of fiction. The old saying the hardest thing to kill in Washington is a government program. Amen to that! And I will add something else. One of the strongest addictions in the world is the dependence many have on government programs. Especially programs which should have NEVER been part of the federal government.

Where in the world did this all start? Things were so simple in the beginning. The states were given mucho power whereas the federal government was given very little. The 10th Amendment was constructed to be about as straight forward and simple as people from that era could make it. Then why have the federal government at all? Because there were some things that the states needed the feds to do. Like the protection of the states through a well run and funded military.

Then where did we go wrong? Some say the wheels first started coming off the apple cart when FDR created Social Security. Truthfully, at that time, it was not that bad of a program. So long as many folks dropped dead around 60 and families had about 8 kids, the math worked out okay. Today however, not so much. It has become a Ponzi scheme of the highest order. The math will never work out again, and this much beloved program is bankrupting us.

Then of course came another two nails in the coffin in 1965. Another progressive Democrat like FDR (that be LBJ) signed into law Medicare and Medicaid. Again, if folks had large families and died at a young age, it might have worked out fine for a while. Now, they along with Social Security, are killing us.

I will say this of President Trump. I have said this about most of our current and past Washington leaders. They are cowards and clueless when it comes to addressing our entitlements. Even getting rid of ObamaCare (notice I did not waste the ink going into this, our fourth entitlement) has resulted in another entitlement some are calling "ObamaCare lite".  So the ax is coming down on discretionary programs - the ones which should NEVER have performed by the federal government in the first place. 

Yes, I am talking about Sesame Street, which still makes about a zillion dollars. It will do fine without the feds. And Meals on Wheels, which is VERY worthwhile, but should be managed by private charities. Education? The entire department should have been eliminated. All education matters should be handled locally and by the states. I could go on and on and on.

How do we fix things. First off, tell the American public they have a drug problem and it is killing the country. The drug is called federal government programs. I would get rid of as many discretionary programs as possible and get them back to the states or private charities. Next, I would "sunset" Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as they currently exist. Phase them out and phase in something for the next generations which is sustainable. 

If we did that, all of a sudden our government (and the humongous debt it carries) would start to shrink. We would have a state of the art military which could (just like in the 1980's), keep the peace without firing a shot. Those are the facts as I see them. Now lets stop with the friction. 

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  1. Headline of the day! "Leader of free world meets with Donald Trump". Sad. How far we have fallen in 65 days!