Wednesday, March 15, 2017


"Now, Minneapolis is only Minnie-hopeless. Like the saying goes - it is a great place to be from. Far from, that is."

Oh no! Not another "hit piece" on the City of Lakes! Can't the Bird just leave this peaceful little burg, full of snowflakes and progressives alone? No I can't. As I have said in the past, it is the city I grew up in (almost). Specifically, the border to Minneapolis was literally feet from my front door. It is a city I loved at one time. Now I have very little time for it.

Since most Republicans and conservatives have gotten out of Dodge (so to speak), all that remains are those on the Left, the far Left, the Loony Left, and the Anarchists. And there is a big Mayor's race coming up. In fact, recently the six candidates faced off in a "love fest" type of debate. It really did come down to who was going to be the most liberal, and who could fight the Lex Luther of politics. Yes, that would be President Trump.

Each had plans on how to cordon off this enclaved city of fanatics and nut-balls. How to fight the good fight when that mean old President Trump tries to come into town and restore law and order. Well that ain't happening! The city leaders like the fact Minneapolis has turned into a little Chicago or Detroit. They also like the fact we are like a mid west version of San Francisco, harboring law breakers who have snuck into our country illegally.

The city leaders really don't give a rip if President Trump withholds some federal funding due to sanctuary city status. After all, they have a friendly and concerned Governor. Well here is a news flash. The Governor's race is already starting to take shape. The Republicans will be throwing their best and brightest up front to win back the Governor's chair. When that happens, and if the Republicans can maintain control in the Minnesota House and Senate, it will be Katy bar the door for the law breakers.

A new Governor with cojones will not sit back and allow Minnesota's largest city to go rogue. Minneapolis will not only lose federal funding, but state funding as well. And the losing the state funding will really hurt.

Here is a funny corollary to this story. The other day it was reported that the "bullet train" in California is going to lose some much needed federal funding. Especially needed going in and around Marin County in the Bay Area. The state wanted to appeal to local Republicans so they could petition President Trump to reconsider. But guess what? San Francisco, like Minneapolis, has rid itself of most of its Republicans. Looks like that train funding is going bye-bye. 

No, Minneapolis has a rich history. It was a great city to grow up next to. The city schools were at one time very good, and were always in the mix at tourney time. Now, Minneapolis is only Minnie-hopeless. Like the saying goes - it is a great place to be from. Far from, that is.

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