Friday, July 28, 2017

A trillion here, a trillion there...

"Not being paranoid, not being naive. Just realistic. If trouble comes knocking at our door, I really want to be able to answer the right way. And this is not science fiction - this is reality."

WARNING! The Bird is about to take another walk off a short pier! Or something like that. Did you know, no matter which source you go to, the United States Government has lost over $10T since 1996? Well - maybe not lost. Just can not account for it. And most of the lost money is in the DOD budget. Okay - I will say it. Has much of this money gone into the dark, really dark programs?

Come on Bird! What are you saying? I saw both Independence Days movies. I still say the best line came from the first movie when an alien was captured and asked what they wanted with Earth. In a calm voice the alien answered, "We want you dead". Why? They wanted our planet. They wanted our resources, without us to compete for them.

Far fetched? Maybe. Or maybe not. If you believe the Drake Equation is valid, then there are tens of thousands of advanced civilizations in our galaxy alone. And if you believe in faster than light speed travel, take that number and multiply by the number of known galaxies. That is a huge number. If one of those civilizations wants a "Goldilocks Planet" like ours, what can we do to stop them?

In 2013, there was a big splash on the internet. The United States Navy was working with the Chinese Navy (in secret) to fight off an "extremely hostile alien presence" not that far off the coast of California. Huh? Aliens? I thought that was just science fiction? Maybe, maybe not. I find it interesting that the Air Force has once again developed a "space command" to be part of our defenses. And this is outside of NASA. 

What I do know is this. We have had a butt load of money go unaccounted for. Trillions over the past few decades. What are we doing with it? Preparing the planet for something sinister? Or is this just a "goof" in bookkeeping? Time will tell.

I will give you my take, and I would love someone credible to prove me wrong. I think we "found something" in 1947 in New Mexico. I think once we started to set off nukes, we got the attention of "someone". And for some reason, that "someone" crashed on our planet for reasons yet unknown. Then we reversed engineered "something" at WP AFB in Ohio, and have been using it for years. That "something" has cost a lot of money. Where has it come from? Black programs.

I have a lot more suppositions, but I will not go into them here. Suffice it to say, this planet is one of the best of the best in the galaxy. Our scientists know that from our Kepler telescope. Maybe our planet has become noticed. Maybe it is a target. That is why Russia, China, the United States, and who knows whom else, might be building a planetary defense which costs a boatload of money. 

According to the Drake Equation, there are tens of thousands (maybe more) of advanced civilizations in this galaxy alone. If we can assume that advanced civilization have solved the time and distance puzzle, there are uncounted millions of more galaxies in universe. And if we live in a multiverse instead of a universe, that number could be infinite. Plus, that is without factoring in time travel (which Einstein thought was practical).

All that being said, should we be visited in 2017 (like some believe we will), I hope we are betting on ET. However, if our visitation is like the alien from the movie Alien, we are indeed in tough shape if we don't have some kind of planetary defense.  

Please don't think I am a kook for penning this article. In the late thirties and early forties, a guy with a funny looking mustache just about took over the world. Based on just an empty promise. In 2017 or 2018, an alien presence from Zeta Reticulation or someplace else might come calling for a different reason. Maybe for our water. Maybe to eat our animals. Maybe us. Or maybe for something else. 

I am okay with trillions going unaccounted for if it is for the right reason. Slopping bookkeeping? No. Planetary defense? Yes. Not being paranoid, not being naive. Just realistic. If trouble comes knocking at our door, I really want to be able to answer the right way. And this is not science fiction folks- this is reality. 


  1. Really? You don't think the Afghan Command and others like are capable of losing trillions? You must not here been in the same military I was.
    Dave Gjerdingen
    Ps In 2016 a man with weird hair took over the greatest country in the world with empty promises.

  2. And I suppose you are going to give Trump a big do-over with all his firings and hi rings, Like that's going to make a diff.

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