Monday, July 3, 2017

Voter fraud consequnces

"So all you good folks who do not believe that voter fraud exists, and then complain about your 100 to 200 percent increase in your ObamaCare health care premiums - remember this one simple word - karma." 

"There is NO voter fraud in Minnesota!" How many times have we heard that from the Democrats? Too many to count. They seem to be okay with voter fraud for some reason. Some reason? They are okay with it because it seems to help them much more than anyone else.

And why do we think there is voter fraud? No voter ID for starters. We go on the "trust system". Assuming everyone will be telling the truth. News flash - if someone commits voter fraud, they are operating "outside the law". In other words, an outlaw. Why do we think an outlaw is going to tell the truth? Duh!

And now Secretary of State Steve Simon, the Dayton shill who has control of our state's voting system, has told the President's Administration to take a hike. We are not releasing any information which could point towards voter fraud. Being a contrarian just for a minute, let me ask this stupid question - why do we care if a few people vote illegally? In the larger scheme of things, is not that issue like trying to find fly poop in with the pepper?

Well, not really. In the world of unintended (or intended) consequences, voter fraud can be the straw which broke the camel's back. For example, many of us remember the very shady election which got Crazy Al elected over Norm Coleman. And that was a big one. Why? Al Franken became the 60th vote for ObamaCare. Remember ObamaCare? The "hope and change" issue which has now destroyed our healthcare - forever. 

There was some very serious reporting done on voter fraud once that election was over. On a national scale, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal wrote a book called, Stealing Elections - How Voter Fraud Threatens our Democracy. It dealt with voter fraud in many states, including Minnesota.

According to a July 20, 2010 U.S. News and World Report article, John Fund is quoted as saying that "Al Franken's narrow 312 vote victory in 2008 over incumbent Norm Coleman may have come as a result of people being allowed to vote, under Minnesota law, shouldn't have been."

The article also quoted our own Minnesota Majority and the research they did. Just in Hennepin and Ramsey counties alone, enough felons were found to have voted which eclipsed the 312 vote margin for Franken. What does all this mean? Until we have a bonafide voter ID system nation wide, bad apples are going to continue to tort the system. And they will do it under the loving and watchful eyes of the Left.

So all you good folks who do not believe that voter fraud exists, and then complain about your 100 to 200 percent increase in your ObamaCare health care premiums - remember this one simple word - karma. If we did not have voter fraud, we would not have Franken. If we did not have Franken, we would not have ObamaCare. If we did not have ObamaCare, we would not have a broken healthcare system. 

As they would say in the show Perry Mason - "I rest my case"...  


  1. I would be OK with voter ID if the ballot included 4-5 questions that if answered incorrectly would invalidate entire ballot. Then we would not have these millions of deplorables (Right) and undesirables (Left) swaying elections. Only the well informed electorate would be allowed to determine our future.
    Another idea would be participation in primary elections or attendance at your parties caucus would be required to vote.
    Voter ID would reduce the number of voters but not improve the quality of the vote/voter remaining.
    Happy Birthday
    Dave Gjerdingen
    ps I had to unfriend you as my wife didn't want our discourse on her FB page and mine page seems to be toast.

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