Monday, July 17, 2017

All lives matter

"What I do know is this. As unjust and tragic as this shooting was - no protests. Pain, heartache, and questions for sure." 

What happened in Minneapolis last night was beyond belief. The only way it could have been worse is if the cop was a Australian immigrant shooting an unarmed Somali. But it did not happen that way. And truthfully, I don't give a rat's butt who did the shooting, and who was shot. The fact an innocent person was shot by an (dare I say this?) untrained cop is beyond tragic.

I am going to try and keep my powder dry on this one until more facts are known. I will say this however - to shoot an unarmed woman, dressed only in her pajamas, and shoot her multiple times through a car door (if this in fact was the way it happened), demands some explanation and accountability.

Well I-94 and I-35 were shut down this afternoon by hoards of people protesting this absolute travesty of justice. What? They were not? And why not? And our Governor! He has been on all channels saying we need to do something! Oh - he has not? And why not? He was before. Black Lives Matter? Silent. Code Pink? Silent. The DFL? Anyone? Silent.

Well, enough of that rant. We all know what the story is. Let's talk about how this is going to play out downtown. Chief Harteau? Time to buff up that resume Chief. Why? You and the Mayor have not exactly been playing footsie with each other as of late, and that dog shooting a short time ago - wow! This however Chief- is a whole different matter. Following the Castile shooting, the public has zero tolerance for any bad shooting by the cops. And if it was Mr. Noor who did the shooting - time for Mr. Noor to get another career (and a lawyer).

Much, much more to come on this one folks. Much, more needs to be known. All we know right now is one thing. An innocent woman, in the prime of life, ready to get married, is now dead. Was it due to lack of training mandated by our Police Chief? Or, was it that Officer Noor was a just bad cop with other infractions. Finally, was it just that poor woman being in the wrong time at the wrong place? We simply don't know the answer. 

What I do know is this. As unjust and tragic as this shooting was - no protests. Pain, heartache, and questions for sure. But no lawbreaking, no riots, no roads being shut down. The message should be loud and clear. Fix the injustice, and do not punish the innocents. Otherwise, the travesty just multiplies.

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