Monday, July 31, 2017

Character matters most of all

"So fear not good people of America - the Calvary has come (literally). August and beyond are going to be much better days than the past six months. Don't get me wrong - many good things were done and ignored by the MSM."

I am a retired Naval Officer. While serving, I worked with many different people from all four services (once in a while, even a "Coastie"). Most of the time, I worked with sailors and Marines. Both enlisted and officer. 95 to 99 percent of the time, the military folks I worked with exemplified very high character. The Marine Officers however - were a cut above most of the others. Why do I bring this up? Today General Kelly (USMC -Ret) served his first day in his new job.

John Kelly is a man of exceptional character. How much so? In 2010, Lt. Robert Kelly (USMC), stepped on a land mine in Afghanistan and was killed instantly. Like most parents would feel, the loss of his son tore the heart out of General Kelly. However, General Kelly had a very important speech to give five days after he was notified of his son's death. Before the speech, General Kelly's only request was that nobody mentioned the death of his son. When someone close to the General who knew he was grieving deeply asked why, the General said he did not want to put his son's sacrifice on a pillar any higher than the other 5,000+ young Americans who gave their lives for this country. 

Wow. Whenever I hear that story, I get choked up. I could not have done what General Kelly did. Not on my best day. But he did it. He is a strong man of strong character. Plus very high dedication to this great country. And now our President has asked him to come into the White House and put that John Kelly type of character and discipline into getting the message, the agenda, out to the public -  and then passed by Congress.

The first thing John Kelly had to do was not easy. The brand new Communications Director who was brought in to be a "plumber" to stop the leaks, had to be let go. Why? The "Mooch" had a much different way of dealing with people and problems than the General did. The General knew that if he had an issue with a senior enlisted or a junior officer, that was handled behind closed doors. The "Mooch" on the other hand, leaked out his feelings on other staff members to the press. That was oil and water with the General. The "Mooch" had to go.

One of my high school friends who has a visceral hatred for our President, is not impressed with John Kelly coming on board. I told her to give the General a chance - much better (at least clearer) days are ahead. I also think the "house cleaning" is not quite over. Stay turned for more developments.

One final comment about Marine Corps character. Probably two of the most popular military officers since Desert Storm are now on President Trump's staff. And both are retired four star Marine Generals. With the problems we are having in getting Afghanistan and Iraq buttoned up, eliminating the Islamic State, backing down North Korea, and of course, matching the Russians and Chinese move for move - I could not think of two better people than Mattis and Kelly to have in the inner circle. 

So fear not good people of America - the Calvary has come (literally). August and beyond are going to be much better days than the past six months. Don't get me wrong - many good things were done in the first six months and then ignored by the MSM. Our new Communication Director (yet un-named ) will fix that. 

I will sleep better tonight knowing that General Kelly is on watch. I can only hope his replacement for DHS will be at least half as good as he is.


  1. He is outstanding, but will he be able to put up with DJT bs, or will his focus be on operating a tight ship below him.
    Only issue I see is Jared and Ivanka's access to the president if Kelly thinks he was hired to be gatekeeper to the Chief.
    He (they) may not want access restricted.
    He may be able to council POTUS re: NORK problems and keep us out of another unwinnable conflict.
    Bannon may be the next, give his questionable past and lack of any moral fiber.
    All in all, I like what I perceive. Time will tell. DJT can still foul up a good think with his Tourette's like twitter obsession.
    Dave Gjerdingen
    ps You're right on the ball, timely and important topic.

    1. Now I am really scared Dave. I really want to argue with you, but as the saying goes, "To much consensus leads to a dull argument"...

    2. Oh, keep posting and I'll find something to rail about.
      DJT's Tourette Tweets will give me plenty of fodder, even though it may be off topic.
      You've given me alot of leeway lately, what's up?

  2. Talk about micro- managing,
    DJT dictates his sons lies about the meeting with Russian crew.
    Wonder who was the leaker.

  3. Trump, like all presidents, doesn’t have control over most of the levers that affect his ability to influence Congress.
    Presidents can only shape political conditions so much. But the levers he does have direct control over — his message, his organization — are being pushed in the wrong direction.
    And the levers on which he has a more indirect effect — public support, party backing — are also going the wrong way.
    Trump, in other words, has made a difficult situation worse. A strong presidency is built on more than just tough talk.
    Good organization may not get people chanting at a campaign rally, but it’s a big part of what makes a presidency effective.