Saturday, July 15, 2017

The politics of Santa

"One more time boys and girls. There ain't no money trees, and Santa and the Tooth Fairy are both myths. Just like health care is not a 'right' Santa Clause is not real either. Grow up!"

I have a confession to make. There are times I envy Democrats. I really do. Their job is actually pretty easy. Pull at the heartstrings, promise the Moon, and then tell the minions those stingy Republicans are trying to take away "stuff" which is rightfully belongs to the "people". And the amazing part of this story so far is simply this - they get away with it time, after time, after time.

Being a Republican is hard however. The first thing which needs to be done is telling people (who should know better) there are no money trees in either Washington or St. Paul. Nor is there an unlimited supply of rich people who would just love to give 90% of their wealth to foster the "greater good". The toughest call however, it telling adult children that there really is no such thing as Santa Clause. Santa is a myth, just like many of the promises that Democrats make before and during election time.

Wise people in the past have said the problem with Republicans is they speak to the head while Democrats speak to the heart. You can hear that over and over when Democrats spout such nonsense as, "Sure we can afford it. We are the richest nation on Earth." Or, "We have rich people in this country who pay way less than their fair share." Republicans on the other hand say things like, "This program is a budget buster and we need to re-think it." Or, "We need a much fairer tax system where everyone has some skin in the game."

If I were a lifelong Democrat of lesser means, I would HATE Republicans. They are nothing but a combination of Dr. No, Scrooge, and the Grinch, all rolled up into one. Republicans want to take away "free stuff". For example, people receiving ObamaCare right now under a 100% subsidy, have no clue what all the noise is about. For them, in the land of freebie, things are just fine. However, for those in a slightly higher tax bracket whose premiums have been going up like a Saturn Rocket, ObamaCare is a cancer in our country - and their family budget.

Part of the problem starts with our education system. We refuse to teach economics. Or math for that matter. Plus, we worry way too much about everyone's "feelings". So when Democrats promise the Moon, voting Democrats not only believe the will get it, they also want to know what kind of cheese it contains. Republicans, with their dour dose of reality, tell people that Moon is NOT made of cheese. For many of the voting public, they don't want to hear that. Thus, Republicans are about as welcome as Poison Ivy on a nature hike.

This is why we are doomed to failure with any healthcare reform. Many of the most gullible are still hanging onto the Obama Clause promises: "Premium reductions of $2,500. Lots of choices. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Won't add a dime to the deficit or debt." Blah, blah, blah. 

One more time boys and girls. There ain't no money trees, and Santa and the Tooth Fairy are just myths. Just like health care is not a "right", Santa Clause is not real either. Grow up!

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  1. All politicians promise much and deliver little.
    It's the nature of the game.
    It's the reality of passing legislation when hundreds of special interest groups fund legislators campaigns and buy their votes.
    Instead of getting your information at, read Pulitzer Prize winning
    It lists promises made and action on the promises. Very fair. Obama has 7 pages of promises made and broken.
    Your guy, well, it's difficult to quantify when a tweet becomes a promise. But, they will try to analyse.
    Stay cool and hydrated,
    Dave Gjerdingen