Sunday, July 2, 2017

Exceptionally red, white and blue!

"Are we red, white and blue? Absolutely! Are we exceptional? You bet your A$$. Are we an idea which needs to be spread with the world? Ask Bono, or someone from another country. They know." 

I don't think there is a living soul who would not believe me if I said this country is going through a bit of identity crisis right now. Not by everyone - but many of us are okay with where our country is. Yes, we know this country is not perfect. It continually searches for ways on how to make things better - for everyone. But not everyone agrees on how to get there. That being said, I think every red blooded American would agree on one thing - this country is exceptional. Red, white and blue exceptional.

As I pen this, I am sitting on my deck surrounded by some drop dead gorgeous weather. The dabbled sunlight is coming through the pine trees. Okay - it is just not just the weather. The wildlife will occasionally come sauntering by, the woods are exploding in a green curtain with a carpet to match. Plus, I am listening to some very inspirational "God music". It reminds once again, just how many places on this planet do not have this luxury. How truly blessed we are to live in this country.

I am also thinking about whom much is given, much is also expected. I have told this story before. A while back, Bono was being interviewed on a show which I was listening to . When asked what he thought of America, Bono gave a very different response. He said (if I may paraphrase just a bit) - "America is not just a country - it is an idea. An idea which has now been shared with the world. And it is up to America to keep that idea alive." Bingo.

Leave it to someone from outside our borders to really define what American Exceptionalism is all about. It is not about pride. It is not about arrogance. It is about a system of governance, a way of life. In all of history, our sytem comes closest to really "getting it". Yes Bono - America is exceptional. We are an idea. And we have a responsibility to spread the idea, the ideals, of liberty and freedom as far and wide as need be. 

For those who think this four day weekend is just an excuse to do some cabin hopping, party time, or other wise, I urge you to remember one thing. This is also a birthday party as well. Not just for some spoiled brat - this is the birthday party to something young a promising - a fledgling idea. It is about a system of governance penned together by the most unlikely group of patriots. Wickedly smart people. And - this system is as good now as it was then. Truly amazing.

On Tuesday, grab someone you love, or even like, and say one thing - Happy Birthday! Why? Because America is now us. It is up to us to keep the story going. Keep the idea going. Because right now, we are America.

Are we red, white and blue? Absolutely! Are we exceptional? You bet your a$$. Are we an idea which needs to be spread with the world? Ask Bono. Or someone from another country. They know. And we should also.

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  1. Better Transportation and Roads. ...
    Reliable Energy at Home. ...
    Equality Between Men and Women. ...
    Protecting Forests, Rivers, and Oceans. ...
    Action Taken on Climate Change. ...
    Political Freedoms. ...
    An Honest and Responsive Government. ...
    A Good Education
    The list could go on and on but I would just get more depressed.
    If you have not seen every facet of our life in the US go downhill over the last 50 years you are blissfully living with your head in the sand.
    The only item of consequence that we have embraced is technology and it may prove to be our downfall, whether from cyber attacks on our foundational systems or the social problems caused by people interacting with machine rather than other humans. LOOK AROUND
    Happy 241st Birthday
    You are living on borrowed time
    Dave Gjerdingen