Monday, July 24, 2017

How to fund THE WALL

"Time to move Congress. Your plate is overflowing right now and there is more to dish onto it. THE WALL is a no brainer. This week. Get it done."  

THE WALL. Have not heard much about that as of late. Do we still need it? After all, border crossings are down significantly since Donald Trump took office. Just the fear of what the President might do is spooking some of the potential border jumpers. But then we had this weekend. Nine human beings "cooked" to death in the back of a truck parked at a Walmart in Texas. Human smuggling. The other part of border security we don't hear enough about.

I like good ideas. And the idea that Donald Trump had in 2016 was a doozie. Use drug money to build THE WALL. Brilliant. Each year we capture 10 to 20 billion (or more) in drug money or from the sale of confiscated items. THE WALL is estimated to cost as much as $25B. Case solved, WALL built.

But now I am going to hitchhike on the President's idea on how to fund THE WALL. Once THE WALL is built, each year, every year, ALL money taken from drug runners or human traffic exploiters will be used to enhance our border security. Why? Because the law breakers are not dumb - they will find other ways to carry out their evil craft.

A big part of this problem is our fault. What do you mean us??? Us. It is estimated by the CDC that between the years 2000 and 2010, this country, the US of A, spent nearly one trillion dollars on illegal drugs. And a large portion of those drugs come up through the southern border. Plus, each year our government spends between 40 and 50 billion dollars trying to stop the flow of drugs. But with demand this high, the bad guys will find a way to supply our users.

Plus the human cost of drugs is staggering. The deaths alone are a jaw dropper, In 2015, the number of deaths nationwide from overdoses (all types of illegal drugs) was 50,000! Plus many of the people who overdosed (and lived) had big medical bills. But, the scariest part of the 50,000 number is this - it keeps going up every year. The number for 2016 (even though I could not find it), is probably higher than 50,000.

Drugs, human trafficking, terrorism, illegal jumpers. The list goes on and on why we should have built THE WALL yesterday. A nation without borders is not a nation. A nation without secure borders is just asking for trouble. Donald Trump promised to build THE WALL, now let's build it. We know where an almost unlimited source of money is to fund it. 

Time to move Congress. Your plate is overflowing right now and there is more to dish onto it. THE WALL is a no brainer. This week. Get it done.  


  1. Have to go back to the source.

    What is it about America that creates such a demand for drugs.

    1) Americans have more disposable income than most other countries (we're in the top ten). So Americans can more-easily afford to buy recreational drugs

    2) Americans have a great deal of leisure time: more than we did 40 years ago, and we work significantly less than many developed countries. With more leisure time, Americans have more time to experiment with drugs.

    3) Humans are known to obsessively imitate what they see other humans doing; they even imitate when the behavior is NOT beneficial. Given the massive publicity that drugs receive in the US, it is not surprising that America's drug abuse rates are so high. People who witness drug use, whether in-person, or second-hand via tv/internet, are highly likely to imitate what they see. This tendency to imitate is disturbingly consistent, as seen in the recent episodes of gun violence in schools, as well as copycat killers throughout history.

    1. I agree with you on many of your points David. I have never had so much spare time, and I am not stoned. I know that Dr. Andrew Weil said in one of his earlier books that mankind has an innate desire to get high (The Natural High). He might have been right - we get high on our kids and grand kids.

    2. A strong family unit takes a lot of work and sacrifice. But, it pays dividends for several generations. That, combined with your faith makes a powerful statement in favor of marriage, fidelity, tough love and strong consistent beliefs! I applaud you and those like you. As much as you detest and deride the two cities, their are many like you. The news you read doesn't spend much time on them, thankfully.

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