Thursday, July 20, 2017

Will Somali immigrants and Americans ever coalesce?

"Stay tuned - this story is not yet over. As the UN and their VOLAGS continue to spin out of control, someone needs to bring sanity to this insanity. Until we get the round hole in the round hole instead of the round hole in the square hole - we will continue to have problems in Minnesota."

Living on the outskirts of the Twin Cites, has been like living by ground zero in this whole immigration debate. Have there been quite a few changes as of late? For sure. Many, many new Somali immigrants. Some have come from the Middle East, but mostly from Eastern Africa. How has it been going so far? Depends who who ask. If you ask the "Chameleon Mayor" of Minneapolis who panders to every group on the planet - things is going swimmingly. If you ask folks in central Minnesota - not so much. 

So what is it? Okay - I will be a truth teller. Going down to Cedar-Riverside right now does not look like it did when I was a student at the "U". Many times it looks like it is another country. There - I said it. Now send in the hate mail.

Do I hate Somali People? Absolutely not! Do I think these people have been to hell and back with their civil war? Absolutely yes! Do I think that Minnesota is a good place for these people to resettle? Once again - absolutely not.

Wait just a minute Bird! Are you a racist or something? Nope - a realist. But I will say this. Why in the world, would a practicing Muslim from Africa, come to an area of the country which is butt ugly cold, very Catholic and Lutheran, and also (gasp!) mostly white, want to live here? One more time? Why in the world would they want to come a half a world away to start a new life in this tundra?

Here is the bottom line as I see it. To come to this country, to keep PART of your culture, with the goal to assimilate into the whole - that should be the immigrant's dream. The Hmong have done that beautifully. If you cannot assimilate, or maybe chose not to, a Judeo Christian country might not be the right place to be. 

Now the bottom to the bottom line. If America decides to stay a mostly Judeo Christian nation, problems will persist. Plus, if any newcomers decide to assimilate us rather than visa versa, problems will persist. This is not a hit piece nor a rah-rah for the home team. It is simply the world as I see it. For peace to reign, either newcomers need to assimilation to a degree, or this country needs a major sea change. And I am betting on the former.

Until then, we can expect more problems in central Minnesota. And maybe even Cedar Riverside. All the pandering of the mythical Mayor of Minneapolis will not help until we solution this.

Stay tuned - this story is not yet over. As the UN and their VOLAGS continue to spin out of control, someone needs to bring sanity to this insanity. Until we get the round hole in the round hole instead of the round hole in the square hole - we will continue to have problems in Minnesota.


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    1. Sorry Dave. And you have been doing so good as of late. This is going to go bye-bye as is NOTHING to do with the subject matter. I expected a response from you, but down a different avenue.

  2. Yes, the round peg in a square hole is an accurate analogy for a Muslim in a Judeo Christian country. Previous immigrants successfully assimilated as Americans. I too question if someone who is a strict adherent to Mohammed's Koran can assimilate into America and pledge support to our Constitution.

  3. OK, I'll give it a try.
    This problem YOU have boils down to three factors.
    Language, Religion and Skin Color
    The first Minnesotans (non-native) were the soldiers from Fort Snelling, mostly Irish and French traders. They moved toward downtown Saint Paul and created a river landing.
    After that, all manner of white northern European people from NE US moved here for better opportunities. Merchants and farmers. They populated Saint Anthony and Saint Paul, still no problems.
    About 1860, a large migration of Irish, Germans and Scandinavians settled and the problems started. Even though they learned English rapidly, religion started separating the populace.
    The Irish ran the rails and became cops/politicians. And the Catholic Church started to dominate the cities.
    This was still a christian community. Then came the Jews.
    Two big groups, 1880 and 1920, speaking Yiddish or Eastern European languages not understood here. They lived together, worshipped together, created commerce, including lawyers, doctors (even had to build their own hospital, Mount Sinai, cause they weren't allowed to practice medicine in other hospitals. They started in North Mpls and moved to Saint Louis Park. On the West side flats, Selby Dale and moved to Highland Park, Mendota Heights. They kept and still keep the money circulating within their community.
    More to come

  4. Now we were a Judeo-Christian community.
    Then came the Mexicans, also in two big groups, 1900 farm workers and 1980, food factory workers. They have virtually taken over towns in SW MN and have cloistered in two areas of the Twin Cities, Lake Street and West Side of Saint Paul. Again, they built their own businesses, churches (more Catholics), neighborhood services and a brought a new language AND their skin is getting darker than the TRUE Minnesotans.
    1970 brought the SE Asians, Hmong, Vietnamese and Karen. Brought here out of guilt over the Vietnam War, the Lutheran Churches and the University of MN led the charge to bring them here.
    God all mighty, what language are the speaking, and what the hell is Animism? And dark skin again. Well, they set up shop in central Saint Paul, set up businesses, services, funeral homes, lawyer offices and doctors. They don't need churches. And they also keep the money flowing within the community as much as possible. Seem to be very successful and dominate University Avenue in Saint Paul. They have elected officers, police and fire representation. They assimilate when it suits there need.
    In the mid-90's the sh.. hit the fan and a Civil War and genocide in Somalia sent 25,000 souls over the years to MN through the VOLAGS you detest. They are also containing homes, business and services in South Mpls, Cedar Riverside and Lake street and Franklin Ave. Islam is the religion, Somalia (dozen dialects) is the language and the skin is very dark.
    Lordy, lordy, when will it end......
    Paul tells us: “God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength but with your testing he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it”.
    I would love to have the whole globe was white, spoke English and embraced Christian values. But look around, the true color of American faces is darkening through intermarriage (it cannot get lighter). Are religion and language soon to follow (Esperanto was predicted in 1887.
    Your predictions may come true, but I am betting on the opposite.
    Can I throw some Trump bashing in now. No, too easy.
    Dave Gjerdingen

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