Friday, July 7, 2017

Killing Babies

"While many of the more 'progressive' denominations seem to become deaf mutes when the subject of killing of the innocents is concerned, the Catholic church never is. They are always loud and clear."   

Okay - I will admit it. I am a huge softy when it comes to babies. I dare say I am not the only one who can make that confession. In fact, I will bet the large majority of people who read this article feel the same way. That being said, I have a statement to make. I do not believe there is a war on women in this country (some other countries, for sure). I do however, think there is now, and has been for decades, a war on babies.

Every now and again, someone will smuggle pictures or a video out of Syria or Iraq,  of some things so horrific, I can't even begin to describe them. Torture and cruelty to the most innocent among us. It is the Islamic State practicing their cruel craft of murder and brutality on small children or babies. With people who have no soul (like these terrorists), I would expect no less.

But what about us? We who are civilized and live in a Judaeo-Christian culture. According to Life-news, since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, we have killed (in the womb) close to 60,000,000 babies! Think about that for a minute. That is 1,000 times more deaths than we had during the Viet Nam conflict. And the Pharmacists for Life organization estimates that worldwide since 1973, (hold on for this one), 1/4 billion babies have been killed in the womb.

Now that I have talked about the many, I want to just mention the one. Charlie Gard, the eleven month old infant, who was born with an extremely rare disease, has been sentenced to death. By whom? By the "state" in the United Kingdom. The single payer national health system.

Enough money has been raised to transfer this child to the United States to have a fighting chance to be at least partially cured. Nope. The child needs to do his part for the nanny state in England and just - die. 

Truthfully? I have never seen anything like this. What the parents are asking of the British government is basically nothing. The money has been raised, transportation lined up, doctors in the United States ready to assist, even the President and the Pope have given their thumbs up to make this happen. 

For those who believe they are children of God the Father, they know that murder is never all right. Especially murder of the most innocent among us. This story rips the heart out of my chest. I cannot imagine the torment these poor parents are going through.

What is happening to innocent children and babies in the Middle East is NOT OKAY. Having babies ripped out of their birth canals and killed by abortionists is NOT OKAY. Letting this poor child, who has suffered so much already, die when there is a chance to give him more life, is NOT OKAY.

I have said this before, and I will say it again. Even though not of the Catholic faith, I have so much respect for Catholics when it comes to protecting innocent life. While many of the more "progressive" denominations today seem to become deaf and mute when the subject of killing of the innocents is concerned, the Catholic church never is. They are always loud and clear on the protection of the most innocent among us.   

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