Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Death of a dead bill

"Where do we go from here? I have no clue. Tax reform? Doubtful. Regulatory reform? Doubtful again. Infrastructure reform? You guess it - doubtful once more. Now I am really depressed. I am going back to bed."  

The sun rose in the east this morning. A bear just pooped in the woods. It got dark last night. The Senate's version of the healthcare bill was just declared dead. These are all "duh" type statements. In fact, if this cobbled together healthcare fix had made it to the Senate floor, had enough votes to pass, was able to be re-cobbled together with the House version, and then signed by the President - that would have been as monumental of a story as a UFO landing on the White House lawn, and Elvis stepping out of it. 

As I was trying to shake the cobwebs out this morning, I was watching a "breaking news" story about the death of this dead bill. An "expert" was asked the logical questions - what is Plan "B". Well, Plan "B" (in my humble opinion) lives in the same neighborhood as Plan "A" did. That be the neighborhood of "never happen". Plan "B" is an all out repeal of ObamaCare. Only this time it would not be a quick death like it will be gone tomorrow. This will be the long goodbye which will take three years to fully disengage. 

And in those three years, the Crips and the Bloods ("D's" and "R's") are going to kiss and make up and then work together like good little boys and girls to come up with the best fix to our healthcare mess this side of nirvana. Meanwhile, this train wreck called ObamaCare will continue to dish out annual double digit cost increases to the poor unfortunate souls who can still afford to pay the freight on this mess.

The most evident thing we learned from this entire fiasco is for the past five years or so, Republicans in the House and Senate who were trying to get bills pass to kill ObamaCare, were betting with a pair of deuces. If Obama had called their bluff, it would have been very interesting to see what would have happened next. As I have said many times before, 2014 when Mitt's bid to be President died, so did our last chance to kill ObamaCare. It's roots have now become entangled with the nation's sewer pipe.

It is no wonder the other day Jamie Dimon from JP Morgan Chase went into a rant about our legislative process. Just coming back from an overseas trip, Dimon said "it is almost embarrassing to be an American." He said we need tax reform, regulatory reform. Now.

Good luck with that Mr. Dimon. We have turned into the gang which cannot shoot straight. Can't get anything done. And thanks to Minnesota voter fraud in the 2008 Senate election, Al Franken became the 60th vote which started this entire train wreck. 

Where do we go from here? I have no clue. Tax reform? Doubtful. Regulatory reform? Doubtful again. Infrastructure reform? You guess it - doubtful once more. Now I am really depressed. I am going back to bed.  


  1. It is unfortunate that the American people cannot have this landmark legislation improved with cost reductions, reduced co-pays etc. But the millions on Medicaid, the subsidized poor and elderly, disabled or handicapped can breathe a sigh of relief and hope for a more enlightened approach when this issue comes back to the forefront, as it must. Hopefully, cooler bipartisan heads can take a political chance and fix this mess.

    Re: Franken/Coleman The bias exhibited in the Minnesota Majority's examination of voter fraud in the Coleman/Franken election is as bad as the votes themselves.
    The premise that convicted felons will vote for Democrats is without merit. Upon closer examination, many of the released felons were white collar criminals. And the rest were the "deplorables" that Clinton identified as uninformed anti status quo voters with little knowledge or interest in the issues.
    I think one can rightfully assume this entire population would vote the same as the general populace, about 52/48 Republican.
    That would still give the election to Franken.

  2. ps Is there anyway you can stop DJT from yelling "We will let Omabacare fail" from the rooftops and during every speech. It is so disgusting to a rational person to listen to this response to his failure to manage the legislative process (cause he doesn't do details).