Sunday, July 23, 2017

How to Recruit Republicans in Minnesota

"Minneapolis - you are more screwed up than Hogan's goat is right now. Most of us outside the city know that to be true, while most inside the city don't have a clue." 

Today in the newspaper, there was a very nice (for the Strib) article about the new Chair of the Minnesota Republican Party. As nice as this new chair is, this has nothing to do with her. It does however, have to do with what I think is the best recruiting tool that Minnesota Republicans have - the City of Minneapolis.

What? That makes no sense! The City of Minneapolis has turned into a cesspool! And that - is why it makes total sense. It is true, many times when the Republicans are in charge, they bumble around a bit. Just look at our Congress today. HOWEVER - they don't turn things into a unholy mess like Democrats can. Just look at what DFL rule has done to the City of Minneapolis. And even though many who live in the city are so drunk on DFL kool aide they can't see it, those of us on the outskirts of the city can see it just fine, thank you.

When Dave Hann was in the Minnesota Senate, he said it well in 2014. (If I may paraphrase just a bit) - "The result of one party DFL rule in Minnesota, and especially in Minneapolis, has been no accountability". Bingo. The crooks have been running the jail house. The inmates in charge of the asylum. It is a mess. Zero accountability. Fortunately, since Senator Hann made this proclamation, the Republicans have taken back the Senate. So this legislative session was better than the past ones. Not great, but better. But Minneapolis is still a mess.

Anyone who thinks that maybe we should return the Minnesota House and Senate back to the DFL and elect another statist Governor like Dayton, need look no further than the City of Minneapolis. Right now, this city tilts so far left, Republicans have been all but driven out of town. Just about every Minneapolis election is between the DFL, the Green Party and the Communist Party. In other words, left, lefter, and pure leftist. 

Years ago when the Vikings were playing Anoka County for patsies, there was talk about putting the new Viking stadium in Blaine. Not just the stadium, but the entire complex. This project would have breathed new life into a undeveloped area of Blaine. Plus, it would have allowed people to attend a Vikings game without having to venture into the expensive and sketchy downtown area. Instead, they pulled the plug on Anoka County and built the stadium downtown. Now to see the Vikings, Twins or Wolves, one must venture into Whoville.

I have often said that Minneapolis is an island. It is an island of nuttiness in the middle of normalcy. Many are asking this question - when are we getting our state back? The key to getting our state back, is to get the metro back - in particular, Minneapolis. How we do that, escapes me right now. It might be too late. Even if we can get Minneapolis back, the damage the DFL has done might be unfixable. 

How do we recruit more Minnesota Republicans? Show them the other side of the coin. Show them Minneapolis. This is what happens to a city, or to a state, when (as Senator Hann put it), there is "no accountability".

Minneapolis - you are more screwed up than Hogan's goat is right now. Most of us outside the city know that to be true, while most inside the city don't have a clue. 

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