Monday, July 17, 2017

Carter vs. Trump

"If it means having Donald Jr. and Jared retire to the sidelines, then so be it. The country is screaming for results right now on healthcare and taxes. All the media can show them are Russian dressing and vodka." 

I read an article a week or two ago comparing Jimmy Carter to Donald Trump. How for some reason, historians are already regarding Carter as a "weak" President, when he continues to do such good deeds for his fellow man. I mean, what is there not to love with Carter? At ninety plus years old, he is still out there swinging a hammer for Habitat for Humanity. He has survived brain cancer (so far), taught Sunday School, and even seen a UFO. Oh yes - and like many men, he has had lust in his heart. Only Carter confessed that sin in front of the entire nation.

Because I am old, I remember the Carter days well. He was not a bit like Clinton, even though they both cut their teeth in southern states politics. I remember when a much younger Carter was running for President shortly after the Nixon days. Carter had picked a prairie populist from Minnesota named Walter Mondale to be his running mate. "Grits and Fritz" was the nickname for the ticket. Poor old Jerry Ford did not stand a chance against these two refreshing young guys with big smiles. Especially after the dark and dour days of the collapse of the Nixon regime. 

I did not vote for Carter, but even with that, I didn't not think he would be that bad as a President. After all, he was a former Naval Officer - and a nuke at that! Well, color me stupid! Even though he had politics in his background, he never really seemed to get this President thing. 

The economy was so bad under Carter, economists had to come up with a new term - "stagflation". He was able to do something most economists thought impossible - have a stagnant economy and run away inflation at the same time. Under Carter, the economy just about collapsed. 

What surprised me more than the stagnant economy back then, was the state of our military. In the eyes of our very faith based President, I believe Carter wanted to "beat our swords into plowshares". You know - as an example for the rest of the world to follow.

Unfortunately, the Soviets (and the Iranians) saw this as an example to go to town. Soviets expanded and the Iranians revolted. Few of of will ever forget the embarrassment of "Desert One", the botched attempt to save our hostages from the Mullahs and students in Iran. Bottom line? Once Reagan took office, our military was so bad it was almost like starting over. 

On the plus side however, Jimmy Carter's Camp David Peace Accord, which was brokered between Israel and Egypt, still stands. That was for sure, Carter's signature achievement while President. 

Here is how I would compare Jimmy Carter to Donald Trump. First, both very smart men. No doubt on that, regardless of which side of the aisle you are on. I think Carter is a very moral and committed man. He is deep in his faith. And (this is big one), for many, he is likable. He was a disappointment as a President, but his post Presidency has been (for the most part) admirable. He did however, work with Clinton in getting the Norks to abandon their nuke program. We all know how that worked out.

Trump's legacy is having trouble getting traction right now. Some of it is self inflicted due to his ding dang Twitter Account. Most of it however, is due to "Project Resist", which is owned and operated by the Democrats and the media. Many of the good things which have been accomplished so far by Trump are being obscured by the "All Russia, all the time" initiative put on by the networks.

At age 71, Donald Trump cannot change who he is. Love him or hate him, the die is cast. For the sake of his Presidency, he needs to get more help in the West Wing to move his agenda forward. More importantly, he need to put an end to this Russia thing, one way or the other. If it means having Donald Jr. and Jared retire to the sidelines, then so be it. The country is screaming for results right now on healthcare and taxes. All the media can show them is Russian dressing and vodka. 


  1. Very nice blog. I don't think the removal of the family would be beneficial yet. the Russian focus will not go away, just transfer to him personally. Use them as scapegoats the rest of the summer.
    The team is so far behind in appointments to critical positions, they really aren't ready to govern.
    The blame is placed on Democrats, but the Senate confirmation process is controlled by the GOP.
    I think the pace of real legislation will be slow until next year, but then it could be compromised by re-election posturing.
    In summary, I think Mr. Trump mistakenly thought that having control of Congress would allow him to dictate (tweet) his legislative desires into law.
    Probably his NY real estate thinking got in the way. Brashness and braggadocio are not positive political attributes outside of NY and NJ.
    I wish it were different. The country needs stability or other countries will become emboldened to become the go to nations that we were for the last 80 years.
    Stay cool and hydrated, corn field humidity hitting us again.
    Dave Gjerdingen

  2. One additional comment. DJT doesn't seem to trust anyone that he has not established a relationship with. This distancing of our intelligence agencies is troubling. The same could be said for other appointees made that aren't family/friends. You can't govern this vast empire alone, no matter what the voices in his head tell him. Also, the pressures he is going to face over the next 3.5 years are going to wear him down. I personally don't think he will make it, due to age, attitude and abilities. Just saying.......

    1. Two very well put and cogent responses David. I am sensing there might end up being somewhat of a nexus between us!

    2. You're too kind.
      Remember, I am still a Snowflake at heart.
      And this guy will give me plenty of opportunities to rant.
      But I will try to stay on topic and not get too personal
      Like not mentioning his Made in America speech.

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