Saturday, March 12, 2016

A sneak peek forward...

"So it really won't matter who our next President is. He (or she) is going to inherit a mess." 

This is what happens when we have eight years of Santa Claus. The same thing happened after Slick Willie left the White House at the end of the 1990's. Many of the low information crowd did not like the fact that George W. Bush was not going to be another Santa Claus. The taker crowd did not like President Bush from the get-go. And yesterday in Chicago, we had a sneak peek how a President Trump Presidency might be. All out cultural warfare in the streets.

To be fair, the same would be true to some extent if we have President Cruz. The Loony Left and the taker crowd would hate him. All that freedom and liberty crap would wear thin - like, where is the free stuff man? And to be even more fair, a President Clinton (Hillary) would also bring about unrest. Only this time it would be the maker class who would be most unhappy. Many would revolt. Why? These are the ones who can't stand to see their freedoms and liberties get eroded inch by inch.

Does this sound a bit gloomy and doomy? Yup. Sure does to me also. This is the end result when we have had a President intent on fracturing the nation, class by class, race by race. So it really won't matter who our next President is. He (or she) is going to inherit a world class, hot mess.

Back to Donald Trump for a minute. What happened a few days ago at a Trump rally was indeed another canary in our coal mine of unrest. A couple of black protesters were being escorted out of a Trump rally when some "older" gentlemen sucker punched one of the men being escorted out. It was all caught on tape. Every time I saw that tape replayed, I wondered why and how this could happen. That punch was nothing more than assault. The man who threw the punch should have been arrested. 

But here is the main issue as I see it. And Dr. Carson also addressed this topic the other day. Many of us in this country have forgotten a basic cornerstone of our freedom. And that is our freedom is free until it ends at the tip of someone else's nose. In other words, Donald Trump had the right to get up at his political rally and say whatever Donald Trump says. The mob had no right to violate Mr. Trump's First Amendment right of free speech. Or of his supporter's First Amendment right of free assembly. 

Once we start ignoring our rights, or tolerate the government stripping them away, we will be sliding down the slippery slope to tyranny. We must never forget, and always live this motto as a credo of our Democratic Republic:

I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. 

Even though these words did not come from one of our founders, they very well could of. I have always loved these words. So simple, so few, and yet so profound. Words to live by way back then? Yes, and more importantly, words to live by now.  

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