Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Why I vote Republican

"Today, many on the Left think the only reason someone would vote for the elephant is because that person is selfish."

Years ago someone asked me how I voted. I responded by saying I usually vote Republican. The person who asked question was not quite a true and blue Democrat, but usually voted that way. He then asked me why I voted Republican. He wanted to know what was in it for me if a Republican won? I scratched my head and responded with something like, "Nothing, I think." Then he asked why then would I vote that way? I did not have a cogent answer to that question. Today if that question was asked, I would have a much better, and cogent answer.

Today, many on the Left think the only reason someone would vote for the elephant is because that person is selfish. They have made all kinds of money, and the only thing they want is more tax cuts. Then they can get more of what should have gone to poor people. Seriously - that is still the stereotype.

But here are the facts. I care nothing about tax cuts if spending is not brought under control. That just leads to more debt and financial instability. Many who vote Republican are concerned about three things: 1) Protect our Constitutional freedoms 2) Protect our liberty and 3) Control the size of government. That is it. If the size of government is controlled, tax cuts will not be necessary as much less money would be needed to be taxed in the first place.

It is interesting to watch the Republican debates as compared to the Democratic debates. I know, I know. Up until the last debate, the Democratic debates have been much more civil. However, when I listen to the debates, I fine tune my hearing to get past all the chaff and name calling. I listen for the promises. Oh, there were plenty in the Democratic debate. Lots of programs, lots of free stuff, and very few specifics on where the money was coming from. In the Republican debates, not many promises at all for new programs. Many promises about getting the size of our government back under control however.

The bottom line is this. Our country has already given to me all that I need. And that would be my Constitutional freedoms. I don't need any new programs. I don't need any freebies. I just want a President and a Congress who can guarantee the preservation of what our Founders left for us. No more, no less. Even though they often fall way short of my aspirations, that is why I end up voting Republican. 

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