Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The why and the why

"And that is why some say after the polls close tonight, the fat lady might be singing." 

Welcome to Super Tuesday redux folks! If it seems like we have been here before, we have. Only this time our Giant in the Earth (that be Donald Trump), has grown even taller. Some say he is now inevitable. Others say all the money the establishment has thrown at Trump has been as effective as doing "you know what" into the wind. It has all come back in the face of the establishment.

Many very smart people have pulled their hair out or knocked their heads against the wall to figure out this Trump phenom. And it is really not that difficult. Going into today's voting, Donald Trump has leads in four out of the five states. And the one state he does not have a lead in, he is within striking range (that be Ohio). Considering the front runner in Ohio is their Governor (who has an 80% approval rating), just being within striking range is almost like a win. 

I will now give Donald Trump some kudos. He is leading for one reason only. And here comes the first "why". Everyone, myself included, underestimated the anger out here in the heartland. Not just anger, seething anger. Anger at Obama for trashing the Constitution. Anger with the Democrats for continuing to tax and spend while the ocean of debt keeps getting deeper. And (this is the big one), anger with establishment and some Tea Party Republicans who promised to come to Washington to fix this mess, and then sold out.

Regardless of his checkered past, many Republicans and some Democrats do not see Donald Trump as a sell out. They see him as a tough guy who does not like silver medals - only gold. Love him or hate him, his rhetoric may be toxic to some, but as soothing as mother's milk to others. And that is why some say after the polls close tonight, the fat lady might be singing.

All that being said, many national polls are showing with a matchup between Trump vs. Hillary Clinton, the outcome would be bad news for the home team. Hillary cleans up big time. Some say she wins in a landslide. So the second "why" is simply this - why is Trump cleaning up in the primary and caucus events, and not predicted to do so in the general? Because - there is no seething anger within the low information crowd.

Years ago when I was a young man, someone much older and smarter than I explained politics to me this way. Democrats will vote for Bozo the Clown if Bozo runs as a Democrat. They simply don't care. They are fine with the status quo. The promises keep on coming and seldom to never delivered on. But the sheeple don't seem to care. And they will fight tooth and nail to keep the status quo, regardless of how crappy it is. 

If the pundits are correct, and Hillary wins the general, watch for the seething anger on the right to go from simply seething to volcanic. There will be no signs held up by the Left saying "Bring us together". Instead they will feel they have the jackboot on our collective throats. All we will hear from them is the same "the people have spoken" crapola we heard after Obama won.

Buckle up folks. The weather might be stormy and the roads might be rough going into the November elections. We truly might be getting close to that Thelma and Louise moment we have all been dreading.  

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