Sunday, March 6, 2016

Where we live

"I regret every hurtful word I have said to another person. They deserved so much better."

It is Sunday, so this is the day I sometimes can get somewhat soapy (and some call dopey). But this is something I have been turning over in my mind for quite a while now. And during the last debate, it really hit home. Not that in that debate was the only time this would have been relevant. It has to do with how we as a people treat each other. And many times it is nothing less than disappointing.

The body we each occupy is where we live. We did not choose this body - it was chosen for us. It gives us our ears and eyes to help us understand the universe around us. We have been given a tongue to meet and greet each other with. And this small little organ, this tongue, can either say great things, comforting things, loving things, or it can be used to hurt and destroy others.

It never ceases to amaze me when I can see people saying such hurtful things to each other. Not only to besmirch their character, but also to degrade how they look. I cringe on the inside whenever I witness it. And yes, I have also been guilty of it in the past. I regret every hurtful word I have said to another person. They each deserved so much better from me.

Our pastor always talks about how we are by nature, relational. We long for each other's company. I agree with him 100% on that point. The Holy Bible is very instructive on how we should treat each other. The final commandment given to us by Jesus was to love each other with the same fierce love we have for ourselves. Ephesians Chapter 4 tells us to edify each other. And in James 3, we are warned how destructive our tongues can be to other people.

This body, which is the only one I will have for this life time, is where I live. Your body is the same way. A man I served on a YMCA Board many years ago gave me some sage advice. He said every day he tries to do at least 10 kind things to or for other people. Sometimes it is a big thing which is done. Other times it can be very small. A kind word, a door held open, an unkind word left unsaid. I watched how he operated with other people. I think he usually hit those 10 things by 8 in the morning.

In this year of political anger, it is more important than ever to be kind to each other. As my friend from the YMCA did for me, we must all set the example for others. Set the bar high for how we treat each other. We are better than how we have done this in the past. This body of mine, that body of yours, it is where we live while on Earth. 

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