Friday, March 4, 2016

No more - ever!

"I thought I was watching Saturday Night Live doing a parody. I was wondering where Tina Fey was." 

I can't take it anymore. I just can't bear to watch. When I got home from my Tea Party event last night the "debate" was still going on. I thought I was watching Saturday Night Live doing a parody. I was wondering where Tina Fey was. Then I remembered the men on the stage were supposed to be the best of us. The ones vying to be the leader of the Free World. The ones who want to be measured enough to have their finger on the nuclear button. Yikes.

I don't give a hoot and a holler about the size of Donald Trump's hands or anything else. I don't care about Trump University and how they were graded. I know, I know. Trump is not a politician and has no record. But come on! How about sharing your plans for the future of this great country. How about vision? And not this nonsense about building a wall on our southern border and having a poor nation like Mexico pay for it. We need debates based in reality and bathed in civility. 

I told my wife this morning if the Republican nominee is Donald Trump and the Democratic nominee is Hillary Clinton, this is my greatest fear. During their first debate, Hillary will attack The Don about something in his past. He will then resort to besmirching her looks, her ankles, Chelsea's looks, or whatever. And the instant he does that, it is over. Finished. Hillary will win in a landslide.

It was not that many years ago that a sitting Senator was called by his or her title when in public. For example, my Congressman is a friend of mine. When alone with him, I call him Tom. But in public, I always call him Congressman Emmer. Just like if I met Keith Ellison, with whom I disagree with on many things, I would call him Congressman Ellison. And if I met Barack Obama, it would be Mr. President, even though I can't stand most of his policies.

When I hear two sitting Senators called "little Marco" and "lying Ted", that goes over with me like having gas in church. In other words, it leaves me cold. Totally turned off. Embarrassed for everyone. Pissed off that we ever got ourselves this far past the curve. I absolutely hate it! 

One of the pundits I was listening to this morning summed it up very well. After the debate was over, she felt so unclean she just wanted to take a shower. Bingo. 

So I am done. I will watch no more. I will binge watch something on Netflix before I watch another Republican debate. I have to go now. Just writing about this makes me want to throw up. 

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