Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What they don't get

"So I will paraphrase what James Carville said just before the 1992 election, 'It is the spending stupid!'"

Had a great BPOU meeting last night. It was great to catch up with some old friends. For those outside the state of Minnesota that don't understand what a BPOU is, it just means (Basic Political Organization Unit). It could just as well be called "Senate District so and so" meeting. In any event, two of the people from our BPOU have high positions in the state government. And they were there to give an update on the current session.

First off, I am very proud of both of these folks and the jobs they are doing in St. Paul. It is hostile territory for sure. We have a statist Governor as well as a Senate which is made up of many folks who are six clicks to the left of progressive. So each session, we send some very smart people from our side into the fray in St. Paul to negotiate with people from the other side who seem to have forgotten what reality is all about. And that is as nice as I can put it.

By now we have all heard Lady Thatcher's famous quote many times. "Socialism works great until you run out of other people's money". Well, in this state we are running out of the money supplied by the "makers". We continue to punish business to the extent they are willing to accept the huge expense of moving elsewhere. We continue to punish veterans and seniors to the extent they are willing to leave friends and family to move elsewhere. And when businesses leave, when seniors leave, they take their money with them. 

There was a time when Minnesota really was a mecca. It had culture, business opportunities, and great quality of life. I loved growing up here. I received a world class education from a top notch high school. But that was then and this is now. We have killed the golden goose. We have loaded up the wagon with so much weight, it can't be pulled anymore. And the people on the left really don't seem to get it. So I will paraphrase what James Carville said just before the 1992 election, "It is the spending stupid!"

Sooner or later a state totally outspends its capacity to replenish. Hello, Illinois. Minnesota is on a trajectory to do the same. When that happens, it is going to be a very hard landing. The "makers" have given all they can or will give. The "takers" continue to want more. Our Governor has not a clue what it coming. He is acting just like we would expect from a former United States Senator. That is a U.S. Senator who was voted one of the six worst Senators of all time. Enough said about that.

The majority of seniors I know are already looking for an escape plan from Minnesota. Our side will continue right up to the end to fight the good fight. Even with the good fight, the number of statists in Minnesota will continue to grow. To quote a line from a cheesy science fiction movie when alien bugs stormed an outpost - "We can't win sir. There are simply too many of them."

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