Wednesday, March 2, 2016

An intoxicating drink...

"A progressive and a socialist, both promising the Moon and much more to the huddled and low information Minnesota masses." 

Much is being said this morning about the results of the Republican caucus. And with good reason. It was newsworthy. But far be it from me not to be fair and balanced. I want to talk about the other side of the street. To me, the results statewide and nationwide are almost as fascinating. A progressive and a socialist, both promising the Moon (and much more) to the huddled and low information masses.

Well last night Bernie Sanders, the little Jewish guy from the Bronx, cleaned house up here in our Norwegian Lutheran northland. And not just by a little - he cleaned Hillary's clock by 24 points! That is a huge margin for all the time she has spent campaigning in this state. But is really does not matter. With her delegate count continuing to mount, she will soon have the numbers to call the nomination for herself. Deals will be made with Bernie, and he will step aside.

And then what? Did anyone notice the pictures on the news and in the paper? The MSM took great delight in showing many of our newest citizens from Somalia in Democratic caucus events. And many of them were caucusing for Bernie. And who wouldn't? I mean after all, what do the Republicans have to offer other than ideals? Bernie, for crying out loud, is a dream come true. In Somalia, these people had basically nothing. With Bernie, they can have just about everything - and it is all free. 

Sure they will be disappointed when Bernie drops out. However, Hillary will try to match his promises. Bernie's supports will flock to Hillary like birds flocking before winter. And our newest citizens will become part of the loyal yet misguided Democratic Left. Who, once every two years, get promised everything, and end up getting nothing - except poorer.

Every time my wife and I venture into one of our two Twin Cites, we marvel at the difference. The difference in political culture between just north of the cities where we live, and the heart of the city(s). Many in the inner city would not vote for a Republican for any position if their lives depended upon it. Why? They have drank the bathwater. Consumed the kool-aid. Bought the snake oil.

One would think after decades of empty promises and then being stuck in the status quo would drive people to change. Nope. Many will keep voting for the donkey until the day they die. And it is a generational curse. This type of blind loyalty is passed down over and over again. 

Yes, Bernie does offer an intoxicating drink. But so do the other Democrats. It just so happens that Bernie's liquor has a higher alcohol content.         

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