Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rough times at Como High

"Back in my day, if anyone had done that in my high school, they would have been finished for about forever."

This is not going to be a good news story for those folks who still have kids stuck in the failed government Twin City schools. First, let us look at the advantages of going to school in the metro area. Okay - I am done with that. Now, let us look at the disadvantages. The graduation rates at many of the schools is abysmal. Next, those who do graduate are so dumbed down are not ready for prime time when they graduate. Finally, the violence at some schools is extreme - and maybe deadly.

Yesterday, yet another teacher in one of our Twin City schools was assaulted by two students. The teacher had to be taken to the hospital for observation. Now, I am not going to assess blame for this (at least not yet), but the queen bee of the St. Paul School District has recently revised the discipline policy towards unruly students. She thought the former policy was unfair or racist or something. So if students misbehave, they are not given suspension or expelled. They are given behavior modification.

Ever since that happened, the gates have been opened. It is open season on teachers. Don't like a teacher? Smack him (or her). Don't like your grade? Get some buddies and go on a stompdown. What is it like right now? It is the wild, wild west. Total mayhem.

Yesterday at Como Park High School, two misfits beat the crap out of one of the teachers. In what universe does this type of behavior become acceptable Ms. Superintendent of Schools? Back in my day, if anyone had done that in my high school, they would have been finished for about forever.

Where is this going to end? I can tell you. Accountability. First in the home, and then in the school. And we are not seeing that in our government schools. If your school will not call it as it should be, get him or her into a different school. Kids today need to learn about "the carrot and the stick". This is life. To continue this type of behavior only leads to eventual incarceration. Not a successful life - a failed life.

We need to wake up to what is happening in our society. It ain't good folks. We are being played by the Progressives. And who suffers? Us, and then mostly the youth. What has happened in Como Park High School is only the canary in the coal mine. To ignore this, to not fix this, will be to the peril of all of us.  


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