Monday, March 14, 2016

Carbon footprints...

"We could make all of this illegal and guess what? God is in charge of all of this."

Today, I went outside and burned some wood. We had trees taken down and there was a big mess left over. The oak trees which were taken down were cut up in 18" or so sections so I could split them into fireplace size. Did I say fireplace size? Does that mean I am going to burn that wood and release some of that icky carbon into the atmosphere? You bet your life!

My neighbor behind me taps his maples for sap so he can make maple syrup. Last weekend his wife told me he had already taken 80 to 100 gallons of sap between his trees on his lot and his cabin up north. He also cures it in his shed. Lots of wood, lots of smoke, lots of "carbon". The man down the road must be a world class smoker of meats. He has a smoking shed which is going 12 months a year. Again, lots of wood, lots of smoke, lots of "carbon".

We could make all of this illegal and guess what? God is in charge of all of this. He made lightening. Lightning ignites fires in forests. But that is just chump change. God also created volcanoes. Now we are talking some real carbon footprinting! Even though there is some real debating going on as to whom causes the most carbon pollution (volcanoes or humans), there is irrefutable proof that these hollow, angry mountains are big pollution villains.

Here is the truth behind all this madness. Every year, our air gets cleaner. Yes, I have a fireplace. Yes, I have a firepit. But the carbon that puts into the air is peanuts. My high efficiency furnace is much, much better (and cleaner) than the one we had 30 years ago. My current truck is burns much cleaner than my old 76 Ford. My energy company has state of the art scrubbers installed.

The next time you are having a fire in your fireplace or in your firepit and a "greenie" tells you to put it out - tell that person to BUZZ OFF! Most people I know love the smell and feel of a fire on a cool or cold evening. That is after all, why our Creator created all of this...  

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