Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The real house of cards...

"It seems from their early days in Arkansas, strange and unexplained things have followed them."

I wonder if the Clintons ever think the Netflix series House of Cards very closely resembles them. I mean Frank and Claire Underwood are about as plastic as two people can be. And ruthless? I don't think they have a match. But the thing they have the most in common with the Clintons is their ability to fool people. And fool people they can. 

It seems from their early days in Arkansas, strange and unexplained things have followed them. How they have make money - and lots of it. How certain people close to them have met untimely deaths. How the "bimbo eruption" stayed so low key. Especially when there were so many of them.

All of those things were just a puzzlement to me. A puzzlement until I started binge watching House of Cards. A multitude of things pop up that could not only destroy the Underwood Presidency, but some could also put one or both in prison. But they always escape. Two steps ahead of the hangman. Then it hit me. That is the Clintons. Of all the crap they have pulled, their punishment has been to become rich beyond belief. No jail time. No probation. Just money. 

Soon we will have the opportunity to elect the Clintons all over again. Our own Frank and Claire Underwood in our White House. Only this time Frank will not be President - it will be Claire (Hillary). This nation survived the Clintons the first eight years simply because we had a very normal George and Laura Bush for eight years. Then we get a different kind of drama - the Obamas. 

I think to have eight more years of the Clintons right after eight years of the Obamas would even cause a Mennonite to take up drinking. And the country? Many think it would be the end of America as we know it. Our freedoms would evaporate and our debt would crush us. Our national House of Cards would make the Netflix series seem like child's play.  

As for me, I think eight years of Ted And Heidi Cruz would be just what the doctor ordered. Not just for our country, but also our sanity. To have Hillary or Bernie might cause our very fragile house of cards to come crashing down.

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