Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Steeped in real history

"Glenn gave us a lesson in life, history, faith, politics and did it all without one note and a ton of Glenn Beck humor."

Wow! Can I just start off by saying wow? Last night my wife and I (along with about 1,200 others) had the privilege and opportunity to hear two of the smartest men on the planet talk about politics, faith, and mostly history. And how good was it? Beyond good. Almost beyond excellent.

There is something about Texas. This state really seems to get it right. They either produce extraordinary people, or attract them to settle there. Last night two Texans, Glenn Beck and David Barton came to town to advocate for Ted Cruz, a Texas Senator who is running for President. And it was two hours of total enjoyment, entertainment, and enlightenment.

There was many, many good things about being there last night. First, I had the chance to see quite a few people I have not seen for a while. I also had the chance to visit again with some folks we had just seen at the Pastor Cruz event. When the event last night started, we had no idea that David Barton was going to be there. After seeing David at a local church last year, the chance to hear him again was a real bonus.

After speaking for a short while, David introduced Glenn Beck. I listen to Glenn frequently, but had never seen him in person before. And what an experience it was! For somewhere between an hour and 90 minutes, Glenn gave us a lesson in life, history, faith, politics and did it all without one note and a ton of Glenn Beck humor. The man is simply extraordinary. The crowd was totally engaged for the entire presentation.

Towards the end of the evening, Glenn gave us the punch line. We can't be spectators. Starting with George Washington, our history was built on strong men and women who were not afraid of the deep end of the pool. We have to be committed. Even when commitment is way beyond our comfort zone. 

One of the last things Glenn did before saying good-bye was to put on a Donald Trump like hat. Same color, same stitching on the front. Except for one thing - instead of saying "Make America Great Again", it said "Make America Kind Again". Glenn explained that one of the things that make this country so exceptional, and has in our past, is that we are good. We are a good country. Amen to that Mr. Beck - and thanks again for a most wonderful evening.    

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