Monday, March 14, 2016

Make Minnesota Great Again!

We have become a state without a vision. A state of confiscatory, sky high taxes - for no good reason.

Okay. I did it. I ripped off Donald Trump's tag line. Truth is, I kind of like it. And many people in this country seem to agree with it. Why is that? People are sick and tired of seeing this great nation become average or even less than average. People are sick and tired of seeing other nations "eat our lunch" in trade. Finally, people are sick and tired of puny nations (like the Norks) kick sand in our collective faces.

The same can be said for the state of Minnesota. We have become a state without a vision. A state of confiscatory, sky high taxes - for no good reason. We have become a state of monopolistic government education which is run by a self-centered, socialistic teacher's union. We are a state whose higher education is run by former clueless educators whose budgeting acumen seems to be a byproduct of common core math.

Our welfare system has made this state a mecca for immigrants both from other states as well as other countries. There was a time when the state was being settled, we attracted people from other countries who thought Minnesota's culture and climate was similar to what they left. No longer. We get people flocking here from all over the world. We get people from many other states coming here. Like bees to honey, our most generous welfare benefits are known nationwide as well as world-wide. Net result - our state wagon has become very, very heavy to pull. 

To make our state great again, we need some glasses to correct our vision. And those eyeglasses come in the form our our legislature. Rather than more of the same, to follow the status quo, I would expect our legislature to be creative. Fix our anti-senior issues. Fix our anti-veteran issues. Fix our anti-business issues. Fix our broken government education issues. 

This morning in the paper was the DFL vision for this legislative session. Blah, blah, blah. More of the same. More programs. More spending. More taxes. Not one bleeping word about fixing our sky high business tax which keeps driving more businesses out of the state. Not one word about taxing our fixed income seniors social security which is forcing many to move out of the state. Not one word about fixing our immoral and unfair taxing of veteran's benefits. Not one word about fixing our broken education system which is now so broken teachers are assaulted in their own classrooms by high school students who can barely read at an 8th grade level. Not one word.

Some think the system in Minnesota is rigged. I agree. We have imported so many people who believe in money trees and Santa Claus, they listen to and believe these lying snake oil salesmen from the DFL. They believe this bull crap such as if we only had Pre-K, their little darlings would turn out to be rocket scientists. The problem is this: 1) Pre-K is not proven to work. 2) It is expensive. 3) Is is paid for the by the remaining people who are pulling the wagon. 

As we go into week two of this legislative session, all eyes are on St. Paul. If the DFL wins the day for this session, look for the stampede heading east to Wisconsin or west to the Dakotas to get much more crowded. Soon, there will be nobody left in the state but the huddled masses who have been lied to by the charlatans. The folks paying the bills will have taken their wallets and fled. 

To truly make Minnesota great again, that exodus cannot continue. It must stop. Not tomorrow, but today.     

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