Thursday, March 3, 2016

Topics for tonight

"Meanwhile, the President, who has more flaws than a cheap bottle of wine, and Hillary, who is dirtier than Pig Pen from Peanuts fame, sit on the sideline untouched." 

Everyone is talking about the debate tonight. It is going to be a free-for-all. Even more so than the last debate. Now it will only be four. Mano A Mano. Eyeball to eyeball. The remaining candidates are ready to rip each other a new one. Meanwhile, the President, who has more flaws than a cheap bottle of wine, and Hillary, who is dirtier than Pig Pen from Peanuts fame, sit on the sideline untouched. 

How about tonight, we show folks who might be watching from the middle or the other side, what our ideas are? How about we address the open borders issue? How border patrol agents who disagree with the Administration's "Catch and release" program are being threatened with their jobs? How about the Kate Stanley murder in San Francisco by an criminal alien who had been deported numerous times until he found a sanctuary city?

How about the economy? Come on Donald, you said we are going to have growth like we did in the 80's again. Please explain in a global recession we are going to get 6 to 8% growth. Also how we are going to get middle class tax cuts without throwing more gasoline on this raging fire we call our national debt. Please explain how we are going to get good jobs back to the people who need them. Jobs that pay enough to raise a family and make a house payment on.

We cannot forget national defense. How are we going to take care of this threat call Islamic Terrorism? Are we going to declare war on them? If we do that, are we going to do it in accordance with the Constitution? Like having Congress involved in that process? And how are we going to do it without getting bogged down in a decade long war? And please don't forget to address Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. 

So tonight gentlemen, please grow up. No more name calling. No talking about other candidate's body parts. The focus needs to be on the Democrats. Whoever has the best plan to the items listed above will win the day. That will be the person who gets the nomination. 

The clock is ticking guys. The Democrats are itching for a fight. Let's take it to them.

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