Friday, March 4, 2016

Nukes in ready mode

"They don't have much. Except the bomb."

It seems that this "one off" country called North Korea just can't stand not being in the spotlight. And they are hungry for more world power. How hungry? About as hungry as most of their population is when they go to bed at night. And why do the people tolerate it? The answer is simple. Unlike South Korea, there is no liberty. No freedom. No elections. All that power was ceded to this Communist government years ago.

They hate the United States. They hate their brothers and sisters to the south. They hate Japan. And why? Looking at the graphic above tells much of the story. They don't have much. Except the bomb. And they give every indication they are itching to use it. To show they are hot stuff. A nation to be feared. And they should be.

Let's look at what has happened so far in this young year. During the first week in January, the Norks lit off their first hydrogen bomb. This is a huge step up on the atomic ladder of destruction. The UN responded by threatening sanctions. Then during the first week of February, the Norks launched a rocket into space carrying "something". Finally, with the urging of the United States, additional tough sanctions were imposed upon North Korea. How did the Norks respond? Firing a bunch of short range missiles into the Sea of Japan and then put their nukes in the "ready mode".

How in the world did we get in such a pickle? How could we have let this most unstable regime ever, and I mean ever, get the bomb? First off, we can thank William Jefferson Clinton. He had his "team" over in Korea negotiating a deal to keep North Korea from going nuclear. He even had the great Democratic peacemaker, Jimmy Carter, help him.

When I go through this brief chronology, please think about Iran. The similarities are striking. In December of 1991, North and South Korea sign an agreement called the Joint Declaration of the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. South Korea is still living by that agreement. Not the Norks. After it was discovered there was a whole lot of cheating going on by the Norks, President Clinton send Jimmy Carter over to Korea to clean things up. That was in June of 1994. The Norks promised to be good in exchange for a bunch of goodies. After another decade or so of a whole lot of cheating by the Norks, in 2006 they tested their first bomb.

This is a country with nothing to lose, as it has already lost just about everything. I grieve for the people as they have been the ones to suffer in sanctions, and they will be the ones to pay the ultimate price if their government fires a nuke at either Japan or South Korea. If that should happen, within one day North Korea would simply cease to exist. The area north of South Korea would be a radioactive wasteland for many decades to come. 

As I said earlier, please think of Iran. We could another unstable country with a nuke in the very near future. Three very naive Democratic Presidents are responsible for both North Korea and Iran becoming nuclear. I guess we deserve the government we vote for. Remember that in November.  

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