Monday, February 29, 2016

Blame game

"As much as I miss Ronald Reagan, I am very happy he is not around to see this mayhem."

For a long time, I blamed Obama. Then some wise pundits said it was more the fault of a "do-nothing" Congress. Maybe it is both. Regardless of whom one blames, the result is a guy named Donald Trump. And with the ascendancy of Donald Trump, comes the collapse of political decorum in this country. His school yard behavior and coarse language seems to be spreading like a contagion.

This weekend was a very good weekend for spending time with friends and meeting Pastor Rafael Cruz. Besides for that one high point, it was somewhat embarrassing (and depressing) to be a Republican. And that didn't start this weekend. It has been brewing for months, and finally boiled over during the last debate. Yes, I am talking about the cage match. As much as I miss Ronald Reagan, I am very happy he was not around to see the mayhem.

How bad is it getting? It seems we are now resorting to name calling. No - it is worse than that. We are also making fun of other people's physical features. The ringleader for this type of juvenile discourse is slightly older than I am for crying out loud! And now the contagion has even effected a nice guy like Marco Rubio.

Let me think. In the past week alone, The Donald has called Senator Rubio "Little Marco" because he is shorter than the Donald's 6'2" frame. He has made fun of his ears. Made fun of the way he sweats. Trump has called Senator Cruz a basket case and a liar. And Senator Rubio has fired back by telling the crowd that Donald Trump has "little hands", and you know what that means when someone has little hands (wink, wink, snicker). Also Trump does not sweat because his pores are clogged up from "spray tan".

Oh there was more by all sides, but I can't bear to go on. The stupidity of this dialogue is mind numbing. Why? Because people are watching. And paying attention. They will remember this type of sophomoric language and besmirching of character when the general election rolls around.  

On final nail in the coffin this weekend. Jake Tapper of CNN asked Donald Trump about David Duke (of the KKK) endorsing him. Donald says "Who? I don't know him and I know nothing about him." Really Mr. Trump? Seriously? Have you been living under a rock? No, you have not. You are smart, remember? You went to Wharton School of Business (so you say). You know damn well who David Duke is.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. I did some channel surfing this weekend to hear what a variety of pundits are saying. And it ain't good. Baring a miracle, Trump is going to do very well tomorrow nation wide. So well, this race might be just about over. And if that is true, with Donald being Donald, the pundits are thinking he will get creamed by Hillary come November. Now how is that for a thought to start off your week. 

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