Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Benghazi Cluster

"A must see movie. Put politics aside just for a moment to reflect on the bravery of our nation's best. After that, focus on the betrayal our country gave these brave men in their greatest time of need."

I just got home from seeing 13 Hours. I have a few observations to make about this film. The good news is that I don't have to worry about being a spoiler. This story is based on facts, and by now most of us know them. And not to sound like a movie critic, but this is a "must see" movie. For everyone. Regardless of how you lean politically. Regardless of how you feel about Hillary Clinton. Or Barack Obama. A must see.

As far as I am concerned, 13 Hours is a tale of bravery as well as betrayal. Just as in the movies Lone Survivor and American Sniper, our Special Forces, (now called Special Operators) are portrayed as some of our country's finest. And bravest. Brave beyond brave.

As our Special Forces have been trained to do, they run towards explosions, not away from them. When Ambassador Stevens was in danger, they ran towards his compound. They did not have to. They were assigned to the CIA annex. But that is not how they are cut. How they roll. They disobeyed a direct order from the CIA Section Chief to try to save the Ambassador at his compound.

There was probably 150 different things our government could have done to help our citizens. And yet, na-da. Nothing. We watched the whole thing live and in color via one of our drones. But as far as F-16 or any other air support? Forget about it. Troops on the ground? Nope. No, they were on their own against a sea of bad guys. And I was amazed that only four Americans (including of course, our Ambassador) were killed. Dozens of "Tangos" (bad guys) were taken out. Another example that going up against our nation's finest is not a good idea.

The movie did a good job in keeping this "cluster" at Benghazi away from politics. But I won't. In fact, I am going to let it rip. Of all the shady, the crumby, the inept things this Administration has done, this was by far the worse. HEADS SHOULD ROLL!  And by the way, heads should have rolled months, years ago. And the fact one of the biggest "perps" is running for President, is even more troubling. 

I will give Michael Bay props on one more thing. He did not go into detail on how Ambassador Stevens was killed. In fact, it was underplayed to the point it was almost a non-event. And yet it was the first time in 33 years one of our Ambassadors was killed. I have discussed in the past how the Ambassador was mutilated than dragged through the streets. I won't go into that again. One of the biggest regrets these former Special Forces had was not only not saving their own dead, but also not being able to save the Ambassador and Sean Smith.

See this movie? Yes. Why? It could happen again. Any time a narrative becomes more important than human life, it is a big story. And the narrative in Benghazi was important. The War on Terror was over. How dare these people attack our consulate on 9/11? Ignore it, and it will go away. We will make up a video that agitated people. A video which was pure BS. And then put Susan Rice on all channels telling the American people the video is what caused this mess. 

Hillary is as dirty on this issue as pig in mud. And so is her boss. As a retired Naval Officer, this makes me sick. Our troops deserve so much better. They need to know we have their "sixes". We have their backs. Right now, that is a huge question. We need to change that in November.

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