Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fifty shades of red...

"There are many out there who believe they are conservative. Their spirits may be willing, but often times their votes are weak..."

"Hello. My name is John Doe and I am a conservative. Not only a conservative, but a Reagan conservative." Really? How do we know that? A voting record? What if the person has no voting record? And then here is the best one - it seems the definition of "conservative" changes just like some people's definition of "truth" changes. How do I know that? For example, many of us have heard folks like John Boehner, John McCain and Mitch McConnell say they are conservatives. Really?

Do I know people who I believe are conservative? Plenty of them. And they are the real deal. Have I met people who say they are conservative who really are not? Some. So what in my opinion is a conservative? First I know what they are not.

No matter if it is local, state or national, if someone votes to increase the size of government which is unsustainable to support, that person is not conservative. If someone votes to raise taxes to support that bloated government, that person is not conservative. If someone votes to increase the size of our nation's debt with no plan on how to repay it, that person is not conservative. And if someone votes for laws which are not in TOTAL alignment with our Constitution, that person is not conservative.

I have been on this rant before. The reason we have government the size we have is because we have too many Republicans acting like Democrats. Often times once elected, everyone wants to be Santa Claus. It is more fun to play Santa than to act like "Dr. No". But you need people to act like "Dr. No" from time to time. And we need our elected representatives to read our Constitution on a daily or weekly basis. Why? So that they understand the document they have sworn to protect. 

Years ago, the mythical Mayor of Garage Logic would tell us we need to put candidates under the microscope and give them a "garage grilling". Ask the tough questions. Don't accept spin or coined phases for answers. We do all of us, need to do what Mayor Joe suggested during this upcoming political season.

Unfortunately, there are still some who do not mind RINOs getting our vote. The squishy middle, the moderates. These are the candidates who go with the flow. Who really stand for nothing. And as the old saying goes, people who stand for nothing, tend to fall for everything. 

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