Saturday, January 30, 2016

Our worst nightmare

"Even though I believe it would never happen, if she did become President, things could easily go from bad to worse."

I have been thinking quite a bit about this as of late. About the upcoming election. On who would be good for the country, who would be not so good, and who would be out and out terrible. The conclusion I have come to a long time ago, which had only become stronger in the past few weeks, is Hillary Clinton would be a nightmare President. Worse than Donald Trump. Worse than Bernie Sanders. Yes, even worse than Barack Obama.

And I say this for many reasons, but one reason stands out beyond all the rest. By now, more and more people are realizing this improper and illegal storing of highly classified e-mails on Hillary's personal server should land her in hot water with the law. Let me back up - should have landed her in hot water with the law quite a while ago. And yet here she is, walking around a free women, vying for the number one job in the land.

Even though I have predicted for over a year now that she will not be around in November, let's suppose just for a minute that she was. And she won the general election. And she was sworn in as our next President next January. For a large chunk of the population, President Clinton would have no standing as President. None what so ever. She would have the number one law enforcement person working for her on her cabinet, and yet Hillary herself would be a felon who escaped prosecution. Escaped prosecution by the corrupt government she came out of.

As Commander-in-Chief, she would not engender any love from the troops. She would be thought of as the person who left her ambassador and three others to die all alone. And, due to the same corrupt government, she did not have to answer for that one either. She would be considered a liar and a cheat - just like her husband. And - an opportunist of the highest order.

We can only hope that Hillary is indicted sooner rather than later. I know, I know. The smart money thinks Hillary's exit would bring Smokin' Joe into the race. He may be an idiot, but at least he is not (we don't think that is), a crook. As for me, I will work with my Congressman and also (with teeth gritted) both my statist Senators. I will implore them as my representatives to contact the AG to indict Hillary. And soon.

President Clinton. That really does send chills up my spine. Having her molesting husband once again roam the halls of the White House does not give me solace either. Voting counts people. Our votes count. We need to make sure this nightmare never happens.  

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