Saturday, January 9, 2016

Tongue Tied

"It seems the Voldemort name has stuck again. This time is Philadelphia..."

Now I have seen it all. This dipsy doodle, idiot, who is the Mayor of Philadelphia, is another Democratic piece of work. After one of his cops, who by the Grace of God is still alive today, was shot at 9 times by a Muslim screaming "Allahu Akbar", the Mayor has lost his voice. He is tongue tied. Like our President, the Mayor does not know how to say Radical Islamic Terrorist. It is a good thing the rest of us do. 

Jim Kenney, who is the current Democratic Mayor of Philadelphia, has a copy of the BHO cookbook right on his desk. And Philadelphia deserves such a mayor. Why? They have not had a Republican running the city since I was coming out of diapers. And folks - that is not an exaggeration, that is the truth. This city, like many other run down cities on the East Coast, is so Democratic from top to bottom, it drips blue.

If I live to be as old as Methuselah, I will not understand what it is about Islamic Terrorists that spooks Democrats. Why so many are either reluctant or afraid to speak the name.
What happened in Philadelphia, similar to so many incidents elsewhere in the recent past, was an open and shut case. Only an idiot (or village idiot) could not see it for what it was. 

It took Germany awhile, but they are finally starting to wake up. After the rape and carnage which took place in Cologne over New Year's Eve, many Germans are starting to get the message. And the message ain't good. They have a big, big problem right now, and they might be around the bend in getting it fixed. In other words, too late. And the same can happen over year. Heck, it already has to a small degree.

Just like with the twelve step program for addiction, step one is admitting you have a problem. And our step one is naming and claiming the problem. In other words, say the name Islamic Terrorists, and then admit our War on Terror continues. In fact, it never stopped. We just stopped saying it. Why? Because our new leader wanted to wish it away. Wish it away instead of dealing with it. Now we have a huge mess in the Middle East, in Europe, and do a degree, here.

Time to stop being tongue tied. Time to stop being afraid of Voldemort. Time to deal with our problems. We can't wait until November. This thing is happening too fast. The time to act is now.     

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