Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bored beyond tears

"Me, me, me. No, I am not warming up my voice to sing for a bit. If you watched POTUS last night, you know what I am talking about."

Okay. The Bird is a letdown. I was going to watch POTUS give his SOTU so I could use some insight and hopefully pithy comments to report on it. I only made it for five minutes. I am sorry, but our current POTUS either bores me, or angers me when he lectures me.

Now that his second term is winding down, I will offer up another confession. It does not give me joy when I have to offer blistering critiques on his performance or his programs. As a former sailor, I am used to giving respect to the Commander-in-Chief. But the direction he has taken this country in, I must often point out the obvious. Hopefully with our next President, I will not have that conflict. However if it is Mrs. Clinton (and her husband), all bets are off.

I will also say this. I get very tired when anyone, including our President, spends huge amounts of time trying to put lipstick on pigs. The Iranian deal is a prime example. Even though we have inked this deal with a rogue nation, the Iranians are playing us for chumps and fools. Holding our sailors as "hostages" (not guests), brought back a flood of unpleasant memories from the 1970's. We had a weak president back then also. And the Iranians again played us for chumps.

I am also disappointed that (according to the pundits I watched once the SOTU was over), our President did not mention the bravery of that cop who was shot by that Islamic Terrorist at point blank range in Philadelphia. I know, I know - POTUS did not want to utter those awful words, "Islamic Terrorist". But this cop was brave beyond brave. In a wounded state, he got out of his cruiser and not only returned fire at a fleeing suspect, but also wounded him. Rather than having an "empty" chair, POTUS should have invited the cop's wife to represent him for the SOTU.

Finally, I probably could have watched more if POTUS would have leveled with the American people. The huge drop in the stock market we had last week was just a harbinger of what might be coming. Yes, our economy is global. China sneezed and the rest of us caught cold. And what is happening in Europe right now with roving gangs of raping immigrants (especially in Germany), could destabilize other countries as well. And ISIS, ISIL, or whatever, has been reported to be developing a chemical WMD. No Mr. President, we are not safe. We are not at peace. And the world is much, much more dangerous than it was 7 years ago.

Well in any event, it is over. Now I will now focus on Thursday for the next Republican debate. I am sorry Rand will not be there. I don't always agree with everything he says, but I sure like the man. As for today, it is survival in the 2016 Polar Vortex. Who says we don't know how to have fun in Minnesota?

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