Thursday, January 14, 2016


"Do I like Mr. Trump? Yes, sort of. Do I think he would be good for America? Better than what we have now." 

First off, I am not on the Donald Trump bandwagon. I have said in the past, he is both good and bad for the party. What I really like about him is his attitude. How he can "shake things up". His guts. His brazen way of tromping all over PC issues. And it is not just me who feels like that. Many Republicans and some Democrats also like that. Like him. On the down side however, Mr. Trump can act like a "bull in a china shop". And he can do that with issues which might take more thinking and finesse. 

This year, more than any other I can remember, there are smart people trying to put their fingers on the pulse of the voter. What they are finding out this year is this - anger. Lots and lots of anger. Sometimes seething anger. Anger with Republicans. Anger with Democrats. Anger with Washington. Anger with government in general. A desire for big change in SOMETHING! And then, in walks Donald Trump. The ultimate change agent.

Tonight is another Republican debate. And Donald Trump will once again be front and center. The lead guy. The one who to this date has been Teflon coated. Bulletproof. I have changed my perspective. A few months ago, I really thought Donald Trump was going to be a flash in the pan. Make a splash and then go back home to make a zillion more dollars. Now I am not so sure. The boy has staying power. And his poll numbers are still high. Amazingly high.

Who can know him off his perch? So far, nobody on our side. Not even Donald can derail himself. He has insulted everyone up to but not including the Pope, and his numbers hardly budge. My feeling about Mr. Trump is this - he is a street fighter. Has to be to survive in the NYC real estate world. I think he has been gentle on the other Republicans so far. I think if he makes it to the general, he will come after the Democrat nominee with all guns blazing. He would not be a Mitt Romney. Trump will go for the throat. And when he has it, he will squeeze tight. I feel sorry for any Democrat who would face him on the debate stage.

Someone asked me not too long ago if I thought he would make it to Cleveland. At that time I thought not. Now I am not sure. I do know this - anyone who has decided to take him on have has suffered the same fate. They have all been Trumped. And that is exactly what needs to happen to the Democrats this year. 

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