Sunday, January 17, 2016

The good life in the land of plenty

"I have said for a long time this country has very few resource issues. We do however, have distribution problems for some of our folks"

I do quite of bit of carping these days about the problems we have in our country. Trust me, I am reminded of that fact on almost a daily basis. I carp especially when the problems are ones we bring on ourselves. Most especially when they are problems we bring on ourselves through stupidity. Well today, I am not going to do that. I am going to address something we often times take for granted. The fact we live in the land of plenty. In a cornucopia of 

goods and services.

Yesterday I had to go to the feed store to get some 50 pound sacks of corn. $6 and change for fifty pounds. And why? In 2014 we had a banner year for corn production. It was huge. In 2015, it was even bigger. Bigger than expected. For corn and soybeans. So the price of grains that we use for everything is low once again. We can feed ourselves and help feed the world.

And it is not just food. All of a sudden, we are awash in energy. Tons of it. Some of the energy our government will not let us use. Some of our untapped energy resources have over a hundred years of supply remaining. And with the worldwide economy slumping, the price for a barrel of oil keeps falling. And when oil gets cheap enough, gasoline starts to tumble. So much so, with discounts I managed to get gas for under a buck a gallon yesterday. I seriously cannot remember how many decades it has been since I bought gasoline that cheap.

Even with the specter of ObamaCare haunting the land, the medical treatment in this country is second to none. Especially if you live in Minnesota. We have world class hospitals and research facilities in the Twin Cities. A bit further south in Rochester is the Mayo Clinic. People from all over the world come to Mayo. We also have huge medical device manufacturers located in Minnesota. Companies such as Medtronic, Boston Scientific, and St. Jude just to name some of the larger ones. 

There are more areas that I could go into, but these are just a few which came to me this morning. I think visiting some Central American countries this past November opened my eyes even further. The countries we visited are not considered super poor, the quality of goods and services offered were quite a bit less than we can get here. We are blessed beyond measure to live in this great country. And yes, despite the frigid weather and lefty politics, blessed to live in Minnesota.

One final thing I must mention that should go without saying. And it has nothing to do with our bountiful resources. We also live in a land of liberty. Each and every day, our Constitution is like a canopy of freedom which covers this great land. For without the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, our bountiful lifestyle would not be possible.

The horn of plenty? It is right here. 24 X 7 X 365. We truly are living the good life in the land of plenty. And for that we are eternally grateful. 

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