Friday, January 22, 2016

Donald vs. Bernie

"Who would have thunk it? It is almost like living in an alternate universe!"

Earlier this week some pundit on a cable show said something very profound. At least, I thought so. The pundit said "Could you imagine a year ago, discussing the real possibility this presidential election coming down to a race between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders?" After he said that, I thought for a minute. If you took that to Vegas a year ago, they would have given you very long odds.

But here we are. Love him or hate him, it is starting to look more and more likely that Donald Trump is going to take Iowa and New Hampshire. And he might take South Carolina also. Plus, don't look for "The Donald" to self-destruct. If it was going to happen, it would have happened by now. And after the (as Rush has named it) the "Hawk eye, Caulk eye" event, look for a serious "culling" of the herd. 

I have mentioned in the past that I am not on the Trump band wagon. That being said, I stand ready to support him should he be the "last man standing". The one thing I find attractive about Donald Trump is this - he finds losing to be intolerable. Some of the candidates the Republicans have fielded in the past have acted like "they were just taking their turn." If they lost, they lost. Not a lot of fire in the belly. Trump on the other hand, has a ton of fire in his belly. 

On the other ticket, Bernie is looking better and better all the time. That is except for one thing. He will never be elected. He is a Socialist. This country won't tolerate it. Or putting it differently, he will get creamed in the general election. And the DNC knows it. And they are in a panic mode. If Hillary goes down due to scandal, then what? Al Gore? Joe Biden? Elizabeth Warren? Who? If nobody steps forward, it will be Bernie.

Now I will parrot a thought which has been mentioned by many who are much smarter than I. What we are seeing this year is a rejection of status quo. By both parties. Neither party wants a dynasty. Not another Clinton and not another Bush. No more career politicians (even though Bernie has been in the House or Senate for two decades). And I will repeat something from before - Trump is the anti-Obama.

So the impossible might happen. The race might settle into Donald vs. Bernie. And then in January 2017 we would have President Trump. How would that be for the country. I don't know - but I think it would be quite a ride.

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