Friday, January 8, 2016

Selling out at CNN

"Even with that Leftie Ted Turner at the helm, at one time CNN had a modicum of respectability as news organization. Today, it has none..."

The once and powerful CNN, the station which at one time was the torchbearer for 24 hours cable news, has devolved into nothing more than a MSNBC clone. Sad, very sad. Last night, they hosted a lovefest for the President to sell his latest gun grabbing plan. Fair and balanced? Not even close. Did CNN act like cheerleaders for this extra-Constitutional assault on our Second Amendment? Absolutely.

Yes, I did tune in for a while. Part of the Bird's job - keeping an eye on the other side. The only thing that Anderson Cooper got right was the trust issue. And the President was somewhat shocked this would be brought up. But it was. I will now use literary license to paraphrase what Cooper said. "Mr. President, is some of the resistance on this measure due to the fact many don't trust you? That you will not stop with just the registration?" To me, that should have been the cornerstone of the program. Talking about the lack of trust and the President not following the Constitution. Those should have been the main topics of discussion. Instead it turned into a pep rally.

Besides that pesky Constitution thing, here is the irony with the President's timing. As he attempts to water down our Second Amendment in the hope of eventually disarming the population, the world becomes an ever more dangerous place. And not just the world, but many of our inner cities. The murder rates in many cities is totally out of control. 

And just yesterday an Islamic Terrorist was shot dead in Paris when he went after people with a meat cleaver shouting, "Allahu Akbar". If someone came after me in this country with a meat cleaver, I would feel better about things if I had my .357 in my holster. Yes Mr. President, I am one of those dastardly NRA life members who has a conceal carry permit. 

Somebody on TV pointed out the other day how dangerous this world has become with BHO at the helm. Like duh! In a few days we are going to release $150B of sanctioned money to Iran so Iran can continue to spread its venom worldwide to terror organizations. Iran will also continue to develop its nuke right under our noses. Soon they will have it. And North Korea will have a working H-Bomb. We now have threats from the east, from the west, and coming right up our middle. Coming up our middle (across our wide open borders) will be ISIL, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, Boko Haram and whatever else is part of the Islamic Nation wants in. And the President's focus right now? Fighting the GOP and the NRA. 

I have addressed this issue before. Many people, especially the ones paying attention, do not trust this man. He has proven himself to be unworthy of our trust. And it is not only him. The entire State Department is suspect. As is the Justice Department. Oh, and let us not forget the IRS. Bottom line - next January (if we can make it that long), we need to do a total house cleaning in Washington. Top to bottom. Get rid of the statists, the corruption, the career politicians. The town needs to sprayed with a giant can of lysol. 

Stay strong friends. These are turbulent times. As Thomas Paine said during Revolutionary times, "These are the times which try men's souls." And Mr. Paine, your prophetic words still ring true today. Try reporting on that, CNN. 

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