Thursday, January 14, 2016

Murder on Netflix

"Some say there are shows so good right now that are produced for the internet they are called 'TV crack'. Making a Murderer is one of those..."

We have probably all noticed the sea change which is taking place in entertainment. Some say it all started with Netflix, others say Hulu, and others yet say The Blaze. Whoever it was is no longer important. What is important is this - internet TV is starting to change the entertainment landscape - and change it for the better. Some shows are so good, they often lead to "binge watching". And the latest in that category (for me) is Making a Murderer on Netflix.

Even though before I started watching it, I heard it was very good. Yet, I still was not that excited. I mean after all, it is just a documentary. I have seen documentaries before, and some have been as exciting as watching paint dry. But everyone kept raving about this one. So, my curiosity got the better of me. I tuned in to Episode One and started the journey. Then I was hooked.

Relax. For those who have not watched it as yet, this is not a spoiler alert. I can talk about this documentary without spilling the beans. I mean after all, it is based on public domain facts. What I found absolutely fascinating is how our justice system works (or does not work) in a case such as this. How spotty some of the evidence was. How spotty some of the legal representation was for his nephew. In fact, some of it was so bad, I had to keep reminding myself this was not fiction. It actually happened.

So who were the good guys and who were the bad guys in this series? Don't know. All we found out was everyone is human, and mistakes will happen. And prejudices also happen with lawyers as well as judges. And some of these prejudices might lead to faulty outcomes. 

I have addressed this before when discussing internet TV. I think it is going to change everything. More and more subscription TV. Less and less programs we have to pay for in "bundles" - many of which we never watch. And every year there are new shows which knock my socks off in how good they are. They truly are like "TV crack".

See? No spoiler on Making a Murder. If you have not yet seen it, I recomend you might look into it on some of these cold, snowy nights. Me? I am waiting for the new seasons of Orange is the New Back, Bosch, and House of Cards. Unlike Making a Murder, these shows are fiction and not true. And yet like Murder, they are very, very good indeed.    

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