Monday, January 18, 2016

Feeling Berned Up

"I get a kick out of this guy. He is a self professed secular Jew and a Socialist. Two things we have never had in a President"

I received an interesting question from of one of my friends recently when we were discussion politics. The question was, "Is there any difference between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders?" My answer - yes, there is. At least with Bernie, he will tell you exactly what he is, and what he is going to do to you. With Hillary, well, she can make a chameleon look pale and ordinary.

Another friend, who is a pastor in the area, put on social media after the debate last night something I am sure many of us believe. This election will be a stark difference between the two parties. The Republicans want to get control of government back by shrinking it. The two leading Democrats however, are in a foot race to see how much they can grow government. The difference between the two parties is like night and day.

Bernie Sanders is the gift that keeps on giving. And if things keep spinning out of control with the Clinton campaign, he might still be around this November. Yesterday, before the Democratic debate, he released his position on health care. Whereas the Republicans see ObamaCare as an unmitigated disaster which is bankrupting families, the "Bern" wants to double down and go right to single payer. And it is going to be expensive beyond belief.

The "Bern" however, does not give a rat's butt if it is expensive or not. He has a plan. Raise taxes. AND, come up with a new rate for people making over $10,000,000 a year. 51% will be the new top rate. Can we say the word "confiscatory"? Here is what Democrats and Socialists don't understand. People who make that much money usually make a good part of it on investments. So all the investment gains would have to be taxed at the new ordinary income rate of 51%, instead of the reduced capital gains rate. Net result - people will stop investing. And then will come the crash.

The best thing the Republicans can do right now to defeat the Democrats is stay out of the way and let them self-destruct. If anyone has not seen what ObamaCare has done to our country, well, they must have been living on Mars the past few years. The visible failure of ObamaCare is the best recruiting tool the Republicans have for this election. And Ms. Clinton? Between the sexual dalliances of Mr. Clinton, classified e-mails on her non-secure server, her State Department failures and of course - Benghazi, it is doubtful she will make it to November. Bernie? Just let him keep running his yap.

Using the words from Lenka's hit song, I think the Republicans just need to "sit back and enjoy the show". The Democrats will continue to outspend each other with campaign promises all the way up to their convention. And all the Republicans need do is stay on message. Equal opportunity, not equal outcome. It is as simple as that.   

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