Wednesday, January 6, 2016

O trust, where art thou?

"Trust is something hard to earn, easy to lose, and almost impossible to get back once it is violated."

Not too long ago, a social media friend of mine put out a snarky comment concerning Jade Helm 15. His comment was something like "Take that you fear mongers! See? Nothing bad happened with this exercise!" My response to that comment is simple. First off, since this exercise was cloaked in secrecy from the get-go, we don't know what the purpose, nor the outcome was of this exercise. Second, the reason there was so much distrust is because there simply is no trust.

I bring that up because of what happened yesterday. The Academy Award winning performance of gun grabbing. The Bill Clinton "crying on demand" performance. Yes, not only did the President cry on demand, but many of the actors standing behind him did it also. POTUS said "The thought of all those kids in Newtown just makes me mad." And then the tears came. Well Mr. President, for most of us, what happened in Newtown makes us sad - very sad. The fact some politicians try to politicize it, now that makes us mad.

This morning, I was listening to some of the pundits on the Left defend the President's latest unconstitutional action. The pundits said they were "aghast" that some people were distrustful on what the President was doing. In their words, "The President is not trying to take anyone's guns! This is only a small step in closing a big loophole." Back to trust. Nobody who believes in the Second Amendment, trusts this President. He has made his feelings known for years how much he hates having law abiding citizens own guns. Thugs in Chicago owning illegal guns? Not much is ever said by POTUS.

If this Administration is going to waste the last year of its last term going after the Second Amendment as well as taxing carbon, it is going to be a long and turbulent year. Yesterday, the President once again castigated Congress, telling the lap dog press that Congress is owned by the gun lobby (whoever that is). Note to the Prez - 1) If you want to work with other parts of our government, watch what you say. It is easier to catch bees with honey than with vinegar. 2) Your "pen and a phone" (and executive orders) have squandered any trust you might have had with people in "flyover country" who pay the bills.

In 2016, as we will continue to fight among ourselves over protecting our Constitution, bad guys and opportunists will continue to make inroads throughout the world. Our borders will remain porous. Our nation will remain at high risk.

It has been decades since we have needed a strong President more. A trustworthy President. A Constitutional President. 

If we can make it to November before things implode, we MUST have that kind of President. If we get another President who is more concerned with changing this country instead of protecting this country, God help us all. We need to be able to trust our leaders once again.     

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