Saturday, January 2, 2016

Gun Grabbing 101

"It is no secret the President loathes our Second Amendment. If he could do away with it, he would..."

It is coming, and coming soon. The President can't stand it anymore. This gun thing is out of control. And Congress, who for the most part are just bought and paid for pawns of the NRA, is doing nothing. So the President will use his magic pen and sign some kind of executive order to do Phase One of Gun Grabbing 101. And that would be closing the gun show loophole. And trust me, there are many phases to go through after the first one. The ultimate goal? Have guns in America be only part of our history.

Here is what I find to be the most interesting. It is no secret that our "Constitutional scholar" President loathes the Second Amendment. As far as he is concerned, this was a huge mistake made by the Founders. However the Fourth is sacrosanct. Especially when it concerns "stop and frisk". And most especially when it concerns "stop and frisk" in his home town of Chicago.

And by the way, it is not just Chicago. It is many of our larger "blue" cities also. The gun crime committed by the outlaws in these cities is way out of control. In some cities it is record breaking. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens will only make citizens more vulnerable to the bad guys who carry guns. And the irony is simply this - we could have 100 new gun laws and people who live outside of the law (outlaws), will simply ignore them.

Purists on the Second Amendment feel we have way too many gun laws right now. I agree with them. As a purist, I should be able to go into any sporting good store and just buy a gun. No questions asked. Should I do something evil or illegal with that gun, the book should be thrown at me. The statistics however are very clear. The VAST majority of people who buy guns are simple law abiding citizens. And never commit any kind of a crime with them. And most important - our right to buy a gun under our Second Amendment SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Not in the past, not in the present, and not in the future.

What I would like our President to do is study our history instead of Cloward and Piven. Maybe he could understand why the Second Amendment was included in our Bill of Rights. Why so many Constitutional scholars believe the Second Amendment is the cornerstone for all other amendments. That the PRIMARY purpose of the Second Amendment was to protect the citizens from an overreaching, tyrannical central government. To disarm the citizenry, is antithetical to the spirit and intent of the Second Amendment. 

Get ready folks. Once he is back from Hawaii, the ship is going to hit the sand. The Gun Grabbers will be out in full force. This will be the big push. The last year of term # 2. Hold on to your guns. But more importantly, hold on to your Constitution. Both are about to come under attack once again.   


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