Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Growth and Opportunity

"The message has always been good. But the messaging became long and confusing to those outside the tent. The new message is just what the doctor ordered!"

A few years ago, a good friend of mine (who is now an officer in state Republican leadership) and I, decided to work on state Republican messaging. The message the Republican Party had was fine - it was just too long and convoluted for people outside the party to understand. And to grow the party, to win elections, the message needed to be simple and clear.

It really all started at my kitchen table. Over coffee, and some serious brainstorming. What does the Republican Party really stand for? And how do we put that down in 10 words or less? Maybe a lot less. We all know the Democratic messaging. Vote for us and we will give you your heart desires. And to do so, we will ensure everyone gets the same outcome, regardless of how much "skin" anyone puts in the game. 

Back to the kitchen table. The one word we kept coming up with was opportunity. The Republican Party, just like the Founders imagined, wants everyone in this country to have equal opportunity. What people do with that opportunity is a separate matter. Opportunity is what made this country great. Opportunity is what will keep this country great. Somewhere between my kitchen table and the brain trust in St. Paul, a new message emerged:

 MN GOP - The Growth and Opportunity Party 

Now what? We have this very simple message, what do we do with it? Quite simply, spread the word. Help get people out of the ditch (so to speak). Many people end up voting for the same broken Democratic promises year after year, and nothing changes. In fact, things often get worse. We need to convince people in order to shake up their reality, they need to change the game. Go with empowerment. Opportunity. Growth. Dependency has done nothing for them except make them more dependent. And poor.

The Democrats can try and paint Republicans as "selfish, rich, old white guys" as much as they want. My response is look at the two front runners in the Democratic ticket.

The Republican Party makes very few promises. But it does make some promises. It promises to follow and protect our Constitution. It promises to protect our freedom and liberty. It promises limited government. And it promises empowerment and growth for those who desire it. That is it. No Santa Claus promises. No giveaways.

This November, we have an election coming up of the utmost importance. It is for all the marbles. We have sunk deep in the mire since 2008. But we can come out. And we can come out strong. We need to protect and increase our leadership in the House of Representatives. The same goes for the Senate. And we NEED THE WHITE HOUSE!

In Minnesota, the task will be even more daunting. The Governor's seat is lost to us for another three years. However, we MUST get control of the Senate back! And protect and expand our majority in the Minnesota House! To lose the House would be a disaster. This will be a tough climb as there are so many voters in the Twin Cities proper. And the voting in those two cities is often as blue as blue can get. 

It all starts March 1st. At the precinct caucus. If you have never been to your caucus, I strongly encourage you to go. If you have not been to one for years, I strongly urge you to come back. The caucus is the roots of the grassroots. It is where it all starts. Representative government. Meet your neighbors. Share ideas. Talk about gripes, concerns, whatever. And then discuss the candidates who are running. Maybe engage in a straw poll. Like I say, the caucus is square one on a long path to victory.

Well, that is it. Growth and Opportunity. This year we can take that from a slogan, from messaging, to reality. Please join us in making this happen. The stakes could not be higher. 


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