Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Same Festering Wounds

"Many wounds don't heal if left untreated. And we still have some whoppers in this country."

Okay. I am going to have to hop up on a higher branch and start to chip again today. Trying to be upbeat this week, but with things going on in Washington the way they are, I just can't. Here we are, in the last year of this Administration, and we are holding on just by a thread. Trying to make it to a new beginning. Rather than hope and change, we can only hope for a change.

We still have the same festering wounds. And here are just a few:

  • Article 1 of the Constitution - Last night our Congressman addressed this issue. The most important thing that Congress needs to do right now is follow the Constitution - in everything. He went on to say our government was never intended to have three co-equal parts of government. The Legislative Branch was supposed to be the 600 pound gorilla. Hold the power of the purse. The President and the SCOTUS were NEVER designed to have the power they now do. 
  • The VA - The Congressman also addressed the VA issue. Remember that? The discovery of how bad it has become started down in Arizona. Even though there was a big "shake up" at the top, not much has changed. And our veterans continue to be short changed. The woman in charge of the St. Paul VA was caught with her hand in the cookie jar (so to speak). Did she get fired? Nope. Just transferred. Only in the world of government can stuff like his happen.
  • Benghazi - After seeing the movie "13 Hours" yesterday, I am more amazed than ever that heads have not rolled on this tragedy. In fact, as much as some on the Left have tried to sweep this under the rug, it is still there. Festering. Until there is absolute and total accountability by EVERYONE in the chain of command who allowed our four brave Americans to die, nobody in this country should rest easy.
  • The IRS - My biggest fear is this. After being caught red handed in the misuse and abuse of their power, I am afraid the IRS is going to be allow to skate. And that is a sin. Lois Lerner is still walking around, a free woman, collecting a huge pension. That smug little man with the big smirk is still running the joint. Whether you support the flat tax or the fair tax, we need to have tax reform, up to and including the abolition of the IRS.
There are more, but I have addressed them many times. To me, the most important of these is the first bullet listed above. We need to follow the Constitution. Totally. In our governance, in our everything. And I mean all of the Constitution. States rights, gun rights, freedom of association, the power of Congress, the whole enchilada. 

In fact to be honest, let me share what I am hearing more and more from folks I talk with. They are not blaming the Administration as much as they once did. They are blaming Congress. They have let this President act somewhere between a petulant child and a dog whose master skipped obedience training. In other words, of course where there is no checks and balances, of course where there is a dereliction of duties by any one of the three branches in government, abuse is ripe to fester.

Between now and November, we all of us need to be at the top of our game. Learn, talk, read. Become as educated and informed as possible. About what? About every issue which affects our daily lives. Just like I blame Congress for not doing their Constitutional job, I will also blame us citizens for not watching the watchdogs. It seems that festering wound is the one we should treat first.   

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