Thursday, January 7, 2016

Miscreants behaving poorly

"The party, the dance, may soon be coming to an end. The charade has worked this long, but now has worn very, very thin..."

I know, I know. The title is a bit redundant. The term "miscreant" means someone who behaves badly. A scoundrel. A culprit. So for someone who is a miscreant to be accused of behaving poorly - that is bad news with a wrapper on it.

It seems the ship is about to shortly hit the sand. Ms. Hillary, mired in her tales of deceit and lies, is about to have her day or reckoning. Benghazi, the e-mails, the hundreds of thousands of miles flown to do nothing - it is coming home to roost. And maybe not just for Hillary - maybe also for her boss (while she was SOS).

As the story goes, the Justice Department (or lack thereof) has the goods on Ms Rodham. But the new AG does not know if she is ready to move forward. Why? Figure it out. Fortunately, some whistle blowers are getting ready to "blow the whistle" if she is not indicted. And that is when things will really get messy.

What? The smartest woman ever to reach Washington being indicted? Please, give me a break! If she is indicted, are there pants suits with pin stripes? And, it she is indicted, who is in the on-deck circle? Smoking Joe? The long faced John Kerry? The father of all climate stories (ALGORE)? The "Burn"? Flawed candidates all. And I might want to mention, the tentacles of Benghazi might reach to Mr. Kerry.  And Mr. Gore might want to answer how he became a zillionaire in peddling "An Inconceivable truth". The soil goes deep. 

Truthfully - I don't give a Tinker's Dam about the e-mails. Nor the server. Oh, they are bad, but not nearly as bad as what happened at Benghazi. And Hillary is filthy dirty on it. And maybe so is her boss. Bring it on. Let's get the real hearings going. I want everyone polygraphed, so the serial liars don't get away with more perjury. We have a dead ambassador with three body guards. American heroes all. The Ambassador was burned, tortured, then with a bloom stick, raped and then killed. Our State Department watched it all happen, live and in color.

Why didn't we do anything? Simple - it did not fit the narrative. What narrative? You know, how this phony "War on Terror" was over. So we left left Ambassador Stevens out to dry. Three other patriots who tried to stop this massacre were also killed, and killed badly. And we stood down. Not only stood down, but made up some BS story which had nothing to do with anything. There should be a cast of characters who will fry for this. And at the top of the list should be the SOS at the time. No code speak on this one - that be Hillary.

The first job in re-inventing our government is taking care of the miscreants. And the number one miscreant is running for President. If she goes down, it is long past her time to do so. We have about a year to go before we can restock the shelves with people of integrity. Can we last that long? I sure hope so.  

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