Monday, January 25, 2016

Is the X-Files really out there?

"This may not be the best sci fi show ever made, but in my book it is in the top 10 or so..."

As I have said before, I am hooked on sci fi. Head over heels hooked. And one of my favorite shows is the X-Files. I was bummed when it went off the air. Although I did enjoy Fringe in the interim. And now we have the X-Files coming back after all these years. And it is bigger and better. And this six part mini-series might be tying to wrap up some loose ends.

That being said, I am really going to try and not be a spoiler. I saw the episode last night, and I will see the one tonight. One of the themes is having clandestine space craft which operate on zero point energy. Try bringing that one up in high school physics! I have heard that term in many sci fi shows or movies I have seen. Usually it is used with other quantum physics terms like worm hole, inter-dimensional, or whatever. It is way above my pay grade to say the least.

I did some research on what the heck this zero point energy is. If it does exist (as many think it might), it would really change everything. Without getting into the details, as they are way, way over my head. It is energy from everywhere. Some think that deep space is teeming with it. It might be abundant, cheap and powerful. That is, if it exists at all. But the point being is this - for one hour every week, we can watch a show like the X-Files and believe it does. 

How does this all end? I don't know. I guess I will have to stay tuned. I do know this - the X-Files has caused many of us to think and wonder. Chris Carter (not the Vikings football player) has created a wonderful show for us nerds. Worm holes, time travel, inter-dimensional travel, dark matter, zero point energy - all these things are possible in the world of sci fi television.

Have to go. The next episode will be on soon. And maybe we will find out if the truth is out there.


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