Monday, January 11, 2016

The chickens might be coming home to roost

"Is it going to be a coronation come November? Maybe more like an incarceration." 

What goes around, comes around. Over a year ago, I predicted Hillary would not be our next President. I also predicted she would not make it to November. And I made that prediction based initially on Benghazi alone. That was before the smoking gun e-mails which seem to pop up almost daily now. And now, some of the Left who have supported her since the get-go, are starting to look like rats on a sinking ship. And Bernie Sanders, the ancient Socialist from the Northeast, is catching up with her.

The latest revelation does not come from e-mails. It does not come from any after action reporting from Benghazi. And it does not come from any of the flubs at State Department during her watch. Nope. It comes from "The Donald". He has really hit a nerve. Some say hit below the belt. What did he do? He brought up Bill. Bill with the wandering eye and crooked - oh, never mind.

It seems the swooning days of the 1990's have been replaced with the accountability days of the 2010's. When it comes to sex that is. Especially inappropriate and unwanted sex. Sex that borders on a lower degree of sexual assault. The kind of sex Bill Clinton was accused of many times before and during his term in the White House.

In fact, there was a book which came out in 1999 written by the late Christopher Hitchens. The book is called No One Left to Lie to - Tales of the Worst Family. I have not read this book, but some of the pundits on the Left have. And it is a damning record of what went on in the White House. The book reveals even more trysts than we know about now. How they were covered up. Lies, and lies and more lies. Sex and lies minimized by the press. By Hillary. Why? It was all about power and money. And the Clintons were willing to sell their souls, and the White House, to obtain them.

Hillary has just been shot with her own gun. When she called Donald Trump a sexist, she opened a Pandora's Box that she had hoped was buried and lost. But it has not been. The Clinton chickens might be coming home to roost. No more hiding behind the skirts of liberal woman who will plug their nose and look the other way. Nope. Not this time. Time for accountability.

Bill the "Bubba", is not the fun and cuddly guy many have thought him to be. Actually, it is amazing he is not doing time for some of the unwanted sexual crap he pulled. And Hillary - well, the rumor has it they are already sizing her up for some pinstriped pants suits.

More people are realizing a basic truth. In the past, the Clintons were bad for this country. In modern times, they are even worse than bad. Yes, even worse that what we have right now. 

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